Firstly, how beautiful is this background? I have a special place in my heart for vines crawling up something. It looks so Victorian. Anyways the feature of my outfit is this gorgeous statement ring from ‘Zad. It’s a silver ring that takes up almost half of my finger. It looks so edgy from the smooth polished metal also gives off a very chic vibe. I paired it with velvet leggings from Urban Outfitters, my favorite Hunters, the most adorable t shirt from Zara (It’s a vampire pug. yeah.) and a bright coral scarf to add some color into the outfit.

Shirt- Zara // Chambray Top- A-Thread // Leggings- Urban Outfitters // Boots- Hunters // Scarf- Simons // Ring- ‘Zad


I guess you could say that I like sparkly things. Simple items with a touch of something unique basically describes my style. This top from Our World Boutique fits right into that description. It is a black chiffon blouse that is slightly sheer but not sheer enough that you can see everything underneath it. My favorite part about this shirt is the back. It’s so unexpected! It has a sheer mesh top layered with pretty black sequins. There’s also buttons going down the back for extra detail. I paired this blouse with my favorite pair of paisley printed shorts and some black and silver flats to pick up the detail in the shirt. Lastly, I added my second favorite part of this outfit. This necklace is also from Our World Boutique. These statement crystal necklaces have been so popular lately and this is definitely the prettiest one I have seen. I got mine in white but it is also available in so many other colors that are perfect for the summer season. I love the way this necklace adds a hint of glamour to my outfit. Although I absolutely love both of these pieces from Our World Boutique, my overall favorite thing about this online boutique is the prices. Everything is under $20, most things are even under $10! How can you say no?! Go check out Our World Boutique!


Crystal Flower Necklace:

Check out Our World Boutique:

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Crashing Waves

Statement strives to offer affordable, head-turning accessories that you often see at other places at much higher prices. Looking your best and keeping up with current trends should not break the bank! Statement strives to always keep overhead minimal in order to transfer the savings on to their customers!

It seems like all I have been wearing this summer is a casual outfit and then adding a fun necklace to spice up the outfit. This necklace from Statement is one of my favorites. It is very similar the J.Crew Fan Fringe Necklace but it is a fraction of the cost! I love the colors of this necklace. It features light blue stones with orange and baby pink beads. This necklace is such a simple way to add more color into an outfit and incorporate a more summery vibe. Statement also carries this necklace in various other colors as well as many other designs. Go check out Statement!

Fan Fringe Necklace:

Check out Statement:

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I’m a Prepster.

Recently, I have been more and more drawn to the preppier pieces of jewelry. I am like big statement pieces in fun colors and designs. Hawthorne Collection encompasses that genre of jewelry quite well. I got two lovely pieces from them and they’re quickly becoming a staple in my outfits. The first is the Fan Fringe Necklace. This is a dupe for the J Crew Fan Fringe Necklace but it is considerably cheaper for similar quality! I love it! It features large navy stones with smaller orange and hot pink stones on a gold bronzed chain and rhinestones in between. It’s so pretty and adds a bright pop of color to my outfit! I paired it with a peachy chiffon button, tucking the necklace underneath the cream collar and adding a striped circle skirt on the bottom. I also wore the bracelet that I got from Hawthorne Collection. It is called the Pave Flat Link Bracelet and it may be the most sparkly thing I own. This gold chain bracelet is set with thousands of sparkling rhinestones and is perfect to wear alone to fancy events or stacked with multiple other bracelets and a watch to make it a bit more casual. I love all the jewelry at Hawthorne Collection. Everything is sure to make such a statement when you are wearing the pieces. Go check them out!

Pave Flat Link Bracelet:

Fan Fringe Necklace:

Check out Hawthorne Collection:

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Tay’s Thoughts- OCC Lip Tars

The name of the brand of these lip tars is extremely fitting. I am obsessed with the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars. I received these from the online company, Le Cosmetique. They have such a great selection of the lip tars! There are so many gorgeous and wild colors to choose from!

The first color I got is in Divine. Divine is a light baby pink but is far from pastel. Next is Chacha. Chacha is a bright creamy orange with pink undertones. Grandma is one of my favorite colors. It is a perfect bright coral! I’m also a huge fan of Queen. It is a neon pink with red undertones. It’s adds such a nice pop of color to your lips! Lastly, I got New Wave which is a Stained Gloss. The Stained Glosses have a more glossy finish rather than an opaque cream finish like the original lip tars. New Wave is a bright pink, which is very similar to Queen so I wear them together to end up with a very pigmented but glossy look.

I was so impressed with all of these lip tars. To apply them, all you need is the tiniest drop of product and with the brush included, you can apply that little drop all over your lips. As you can see, they are so pigmented and opaque. I am a huge fan of the darker colors. The lighter colors like Dvine and Chacha are a bit hard to apply, as my lips are very dry so sometimes the lighter colors can magnify that. Other than that, I am so obsessed with these lip tars and they are for sure the best lip glosses on the market. As I said before, Le Cosmetique has a great selection of OCC Lip Tars so go check them out!





New Wave:

Check out Le Cosmetique:

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Color Blocking

Let me start off by saying, I love this satchel from Stella Rittwagen! It is so cute to brighten up a outfit, but its more subdued navy color makes the purse a bit more wearable. The neon hot pink flap adds the perfect pop of color. This satchel is the perfect size! I can fit everything I need to, including a wallet, phone, camera and any other things I need that day. Aside from the main pocket, it also has a front pocket. The strap of the bag is the perfect length to either wear cross-body or just throw over your shoulder, it even has a buckle to adjust the length! Plus, the purses are made of genuine leather so they are great quality and will last season after season! I paired my satchel with some lace shorts from Forever 21, a Zara graphic tee, and my favorite chambray shirt. I also had to throw a bow in my hair to complete the look. Stella Rittwagen also has a variety of cute clutches which I will be sure to show you in a later post! Check out Stell Rittwagen!

Stella Rittwagen:

Check out Stella Rittwagen:

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Hopping on the Bandwagon

So I’ve finally hopped onto the bandwagon in terms of the “military-inspired” jacket. This green jacket from Edge Clothing is so cute! It is such a comfy and warm jacket and is the perfect transition piece between seasons. It even has a detachable hood with a detachable fur collar so it’s great for multiple seasons! I paired this jacket with another item from Edge Clothing. These maroon leggings by the brand All About Eve are so cute! The leather accents on the knees add the perfect unique and edgy touch. They are so much more than your basic pair of leggings! Plus, I love the color! To complete the outfit, I added a tank top that I recently bought from Urban and cute taupe booties. Go check out Edge Clothing! Their clothing is all so cute!

Protect Legging (maroon):—Leggings/All-About-Eve-Protect-Legging-

Rugged Parka: All About Eve

Check out Edge Clothing:

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MARIALIA strives to create products and collections that mix unique characteristics with marketability. For the rock star fashionista in all of us, MARIALIA is best noted as “barbie mixed with rock and roll” -quirky, feminine, and chic with a rebellious edge.

Crosses have been such a big trend this past year. From jewelry like bracelets and necklaces to prints on scarves and clothing, crosses have been everywhere! This tank top from Marialia falls perfectly into that trend. This stretchy cotton black tank top features a velvet leopard print cross outlined with hot pink stitching and gold studs. I paired this tank with a tan circle skirt from Gentle Fawn and a long blue cardi. A gold geometric necklace and gold bracelets from Urban Outfitters added to the edgy vibe. Go check out Marialia!

Leopard Cross Tank:

Check out Marialia:

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How To Not Be Pale

This summer, I have been trying harder to transform my skin into something a little bit less pasty. Who doesn’t want that sun-kissed look? So I thought I’d share with you two products that attracted my attention. The first is the Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer. I was way too scared to try a self-tanner in fear that it would just turn into a streaky mess and I wouldn’t be able to fix it. This Jergens Moisturizer takes 3 days to gradually tan your skin a shade darker. This worked fabulously for me! I applied it for 3 days and then waited a few days and applied it another 3 days. My skin indeed darkened a little, I was very impressed! I wouldn’t apply this for more than 3 day though, towards the end, my skin was looking a bit orange. Other than that, I am a huge fan! It doesn’t streak and it has a nice scent! Next is the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs makeup. I have heard so many great things about this but I was a bit disappointed  Because I am so pale, the lightest shade didn’t even match me, leaving my legs a bit darker than my body. Also, the formula is quite liquid so it was hard to get a streak-free application. Because of the formulation, it was very messy and dripped everywhere! However, when I did apply it to my legs and finally got it all rubbed in, it covered up any bruises and made my legs look quite nice!

Buy them here:

Jergens Natural Glow for body

Jergens Natural Glow for face

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Spray

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