Tay’s Thoughts- OCC Lip Tars

The name of the brand of these lip tars is extremely fitting. I am obsessed with the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars. I received these from the online company, Le Cosmetique. They have such a great selection of the lip tars! There are so many gorgeous and wild colors to choose from!

The first color I got is in Divine. Divine is a light baby pink but is far from pastel. Next is Chacha. Chacha is a bright creamy orange with pink undertones. Grandma is one of my favorite colors. It is a perfect bright coral! I’m also a huge fan of Queen. It is a neon pink with red undertones. It’s adds such a nice pop of color to your lips! Lastly, I got New Wave which is a Stained Gloss. The Stained Glosses have a more glossy finish rather than an opaque cream finish like the original lip tars. New Wave is a bright pink, which is very similar to Queen so I wear them together to end up with a very pigmented but glossy look.

I was so impressed with all of these lip tars. To apply them, all you need is the tiniest drop of product and with the brush included, you can apply that little drop all over your lips. As you can see, they are so pigmented and opaque. I am a huge fan of the darker colors. The lighter colors like Dvine and Chacha are a bit hard to apply, as my lips are very dry so sometimes the lighter colors can magnify that. Other than that, I am so obsessed with these lip tars and they are for sure the best lip glosses on the market. As I said before, Le Cosmetique has a great selection of OCC Lip Tars so go check them out!

Divine: http://www.lecosmetique.com/Lip_Tar_Divine_p/occliptardivine.htm

Chacha: http://www.lecosmetique.com/OCC_Lip_Tar_Cha_Cha_p/occliptarchacha.htm

Grandma: http://www.lecosmetique.com/OCC_Lip_Tar_Grandma_p/occliptargrandma.htm

Queen: http://www.lecosmetique.com/OCC_Lip_Tar_Queen_p/occliptarqueen.htm

New Wave: http://www.lecosmetique.com/Lip_Tar_Stained_Gloss_New_Wave_p/occliptarnewwave.htm

Check out Le Cosmetique: http://www.lecosmetique.com/

want me to do a review? message me here or email me at taylord450@yahoo.ca

*ftc disclaimer: I was sent these products for free but all opinions are my own.


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