I’m a Prepster.

Recently, I have been more and more drawn to the preppier pieces of jewelry. I am like big statement pieces in fun colors and designs. Hawthorne Collection encompasses that genre of jewelry quite well. I got two lovely pieces from them and they’re quickly becoming a staple in my outfits. The first is the Fan Fringe Necklace. This is a dupe for the J Crew Fan Fringe Necklace but it is considerably cheaper for similar quality! I love it! It features large navy stones with smaller orange and hot pink stones on a gold bronzed chain and rhinestones in between. It’s so pretty and adds a bright pop of color to my outfit! I paired it with a peachy chiffon button, tucking the necklace underneath the cream collar and adding a striped circle skirt on the bottom. I also wore the bracelet that I got from Hawthorne Collection. It is called the Pave Flat Link Bracelet and it may be the most sparkly thing I own. This gold chain bracelet is set with thousands of sparkling rhinestones and is perfect to wear alone to fancy events or stacked with multiple other bracelets and a watch to make it a bit more casual. I love all the jewelry at Hawthorne Collection. Everything is sure to make such a statement when you are wearing the pieces. Go check them out!

Pave Flat Link Bracelet: http://www.hawthorne-collection.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=72

Fan Fringe Necklace: http://www.hawthorne-collection.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=60

Check out Hawthorne Collection: http://www.hawthorne-collection.com/

want me to do a review? message me here or email me at taylord450@yahoo.ca

*ftc disclaimer: I was sent these products for free but all opinions are my own.


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