Tay’s Thoughts- Marc Jacobs Blush

Marc Jacobs is easily my favorite designer. But because I am a poor 18 year old trying to save up for university, I don’t own many of his collections or pieces. However, as soon as I heard word of his new beauty line, I knew I had to splurge on one thing. So, I hurried over to Sephora, and picked out a blush. This is very irregular for me. Usually, I have to listen to tons of reviews and really research what I want. But the whole Marc Jacobs Beauty line is so beautiful, I was just spontaneous in choosing what I wanted. And let me tell you, everything about this line is perfect. The packaging is flawless and so far, all the products are absolutely amazing!

I picked out this blush for my one splurge item. It is called the Shameless Bold Blush in the color Tantalizing. And I know what you all are thinking, this doesn’t seem like the type of color I would go for. But as the makeup artist at Sephora said, I probably have way to many pinks and peaches. I am so happy I went with the color! It is so pigmented and easily build-able so I can pick between having rosy cheeks or going for a very defined, glam look. It is the perfect color for autumn and winter. I have been wearing it everyday and I am falling more and more in love with it!

Let’s talk about the packaging now. It is absolutely stunning. It comes in a shiny black compact with an included mirror. A little travel brush also accompanies it which will be perfect for travel, it is actually a decent brush! Then, the two items are enclosed in a black pouch. It makes the little blush seem so luxurious, I love it!

So all in all, I am absolutely obsessed with this blush and I am so glad that Marc Jacobs didn’t disappoint. I am already picking out my next item from the line… uh oh…

Check out Marc Jacobs Beauty: http://marcjacobsbeauty.com/

Shameless Bold Blush: http://www.sephora.com/shameless-bold-blush-P380706?skuId=1505270


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