Too Preppy for Uni

I know what you all are probably thinking. “Taylor! You’re in university now, shouldn’t you be wearing sweats and hoodies?!” I just can’t do that. However, I think this outfit is perfect for the vibe of university! You look put together but it’s still comfy and casual! My favorite piece in this outfit is this Sleeveless Acid Wash Denim Shirt, which can be purchased from Goddiva. This is such a staple item! It is great for pairing under cardigans, like this girly lace one, but can also be tucked into skirts or layered over light long sleeved shirts like a vest. It is such an easy piece to style, I love it! Plus, the gold buttons add an extra girly touch. To minimize the amount of blue denim in this look. I added pink jeans on the bottom and then for shoes, I wore these super cute Studded Mid Heel Boots from Goddiva. You probably think I’m absolutely insane for wearing shoes with a heel to university where you do more walking than learning. But in my defence, these boots are so comfy! They have a thick rubber-like heel that makes these boots so easy to walk in! I wore these for an entire day and my feet felt totally fine afterwards! And I can never go anywhere without accessorizing so I added a colorful bib necklace from Statement Boutique and these new earrings that I am so so so obsessed with from Loft 82! Check out Goddiva to get your own staple fall pieces!

Sleeveless Acid Wash Denim Shirt:

Studded Mid Heel Boots:

check out Goddiva:

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*ftc disclaimer: I was sent these products for free but all opinions are my own.


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