The Perfect Fall Dress

You may not believe me when I say that I went through a period of 6 years of never wearing dresses. I may be one of the girliest people you will ever meet and yet, dresses did not become a staple in my wardrobe until a couple of years ago. But boy am I glad they did. This dress from Mad Monkey Clothing is by Free People and is a purple/maroon chiffon. It’s the perfect fall dress. The color screams Autumn and the style is lovely for pairing with tights and boots. I also am obsessed with the sleeves of this dress. I know, what a weird thing to be obsessed with but I love how flowy and sheer they are. I’ve never had a dress with long sleeves before! I was super excited to wear this dress with my beloved Hunter rain boots and some grey tights and grey socks for a bit of added warmth. I kept the accessories pretty simple as I love to show off the style of the dress so I just wore a pair of button studs from Mad Monkey Clothing, a pink bow in my hair, and of course, my pandora bracelet. As for my purse, I love this one from Mad Monkey clothing by the brand Roxy. I highly recommend for you to check out Mad Monkey Clothing, it’s one of cutest boutiques ever with all of my favorite brands in one place. I guarantee you will find plenty of things that you will fall in love with!

Free People Baby Dee Dress:

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