Flannels are my Life

I like to think flannels are the best invention ever designed. I guess they’re not really inventions, but what I’m sure of is that they’re perfect in every way imaginable. And this flannel from Living Doll LA is no exception. I feel like this flannel was made for me. It combines the traditional comfort of a flannel but also adds a little extra girlyness to my style with the rhinestones on the tips of the collar and pockets. How adorable is that?! Plus the style is a bit more fitted so it can easily be dressed up a bit more than a regular oversized flannel. I also love the colours in this flannel. It is a plaid with red, blue and green so it’s a great festive piece for the holidays but is also easily transitioned into January, February, and March aka winter.

I opted to style this flannel in a more funky, quirky way. I tucked it into my leather skirt (which is surprisingly such a versatile piece by the way) and added a pair of grey tights for warmth because it’s clearly not the season for bare legs yet. To accessorize, I added a fun statement necklace that peaks out from my collar and thew on a few of my favourite rings. Then to also highlight a more edgy style, I added my new beanie from Zara (it’s actually from the kids section oops) and my spiky combat boots. I really like how this outfit turned out. It’s not my usual style but I like how comfy I was but also how fun this outfit is.

Be sure to check out Living Doll LA for more cute clothes (I know they have a cute more flannels in stock, just sayin’). I also did a post with a gorgeous red velvet dress so check that out as well! http://when-im-older.com/post/71646446049

Rhinestone Flannel: https://www.livingdoll.la/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=B0758R082I

Check out Living Doll: http://www.livingdoll.la/Default.asp

Flannel- Living Doll (buy here) // Skirt- Akira Chicago // Tights- Target // Boots- Shop Priceless (buy here) // Beanie- Zara // Rings- Oak and Fort & Forever 21 // Bracelet- Mr. Sheek // Necklace- Andrea Bocchio (buy here)

want me to do a review? message me here or email me at taylord450@yahoo.ca

*ftc disclaimer: I was sent these products for free but all opinions are my own.


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