Tay’s Thoughts- Lush Cupcake Face Mask

I’ll probably regret putting a picture of me wearing a face mask that might resemble something not so pretty. But yolo right? Just kidding, I’m weird. I feel like people often don’t pay much attention to face masks. Are they just seen as a symbol for a typical tween sleepover? But they’re so much more than that. (insert dramatic music)

This is one of my favorite face masks from Lush. It’s one of their fresh face masks, meaning it’s only good for two weeks and it has to be refrigerated. That’s a bit of a pain.

But that’s really the only downside of this mask. It contains cocoa powder and sandalwood so it will calm the skin and it’s specially made for acne-prone skin so it will fight those breakouts! Hurrah! With most face masks, I find that they don’t really make a difference but when I use this one, my face just feels so much cleaner and smooth. It helps rid my face of the excess oils that will clog my poor pores. (HA poor pores). Even though it doesn’t clear up my face (no face mask has the power to do that unfortunately), I really find that my skin is better off after I use this product. Plus, it smells like a cupcake and who doesn’t want to smear their face with a cupcake? I dunno man. I just don’t know.

I try to apply this face mask every second or third day. I’m a bit forgetful though. Plus, who has the time for that? But, to get the best value out of this product, you do want to apply it as much as you can before the two weeks are up and it expires. Just don’t go all crazy and apply it everyday because that will dry up your skin like a raisin and that ain’t cute. Nuh uh.

To sum it up, this face mask is cool and so are you.

Pro-tip: Apply this face mask and wear it to school. It will help you make friends. True story. (not really).

Check it out here: http://www.lush.ca/Cupcake/06095,en_CA,pd.html#start=7


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