Make It Yourself Monday- Braided Headband


For my third Make It Yourself Monday, I’m going to show you one of my favorite hairstyles. I’m sure you’re all sensing a pattern here, as this one is extremely simple and straightforward as well, but it’s so cute! I think it’s boho vibe is perfect for summer and it’s great at keeping your hair out of your face. And the best part? It takes less than 10 minutes to do! (Once you get good at it, it’ll take you less than 5 minutes #pro)


1. Start with straight hair and part it in a middle part. Feel free to try this hairstyle out with curly hair but I personally like the style better when my hair is straight.


2. Next, take one inch sections from just above your ears. Leave out the pieces of hair surrounding your face. Braid these one inch sections but instead of crossing the outside pieces over to form the braid, cross these pieces under. (It is just a backwards braid.) Secure the ends with an elastic.


3. Doing one at a time, lay the braid overtop of your head and bobby pin it just above your ear on the other side.


4. Next, take the front pieces of your hair and bobby pin them back. These pieces of hair are especially helpful in covering any bumps n’ lumps in your braids.


And voila! All done. Finish with a smoothing cream or hairspray and you’re all ready to go!



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Completed My Goal of Finding Leather Shorts

Leather Shorts  Metallic Strappy Sandals Plaid Marc by marc Jacobs Percy Cement  1-IMG_0902 1-IMG_0917 braided hairstyle1-IMG_0848

What do I have to say about my leather shorts? They’re pretty freakin’ cool. I have searched high and low for the perfect pair. It seems like every store has a pair but the problem? I wanted them for less than 20 bucks. I knew I wouldn’t wear leather shorts on a daily basis so they weren’t worth me splurging on. Enter this pair of shorts! I found these on Romwe one day. I am not the biggest fan of Romwe. They are an asian online company with incredibly low prices. However, those low prices usually mean low quality. But these shorts are surprisingly decent and ready for the best part? Drumroll please. They were $10. I know, I’m cheap.

Leather shorts are so versatile! I went for the very casual look today by tucking this distressed cropped tee into them and layering with this plaid jacket that I always seem to forget I own even though it’s almost four years old. For accessories, I went for the mixed metals look. I wore a wooden key necklace, layered with one of my favorite fossil pendant necklace from Presh. On my arm I wore my Marc Jacobs watch with a beaded mixed metal cuff.

Now, let’s talk about my purse. I may or may not have splurged a bit yesterday. No, I definitely did. But in my defence, I have been wanting a Marc Jacobs purse for as long as I can remember. And when I walked into Aritzia on that bright, sunny day and saw this lovely purse swinging in the wind, I just knew I needed it. So I bought it. And it’s beautiful. And perfect. It’s name is Marc.

Top– American Eagle (buy here) // Plaid Jacket– Forever 21 //Shorts– Romwe (similar here) // Sandals– Forever 21 (similar here) //Necklaces– Vinca (similar here) and Presh // Purse– Marc Jacobs (buy here) // Watch– Marc Jacobs (buy here) // Bracelet– Urban Outfitters (buy here) // Nails– Fingers: Dior- Lime, Toes: Sally Hansen- Firey Island (buy here)

Rainy days mean rain boots

I used to be sad when it rained, but now when I roll out of bed and see a gloomy day, I squeal with delight. A day of rain means a day of Hunter rubber boots. I couldn’t be happier.

On this fabulous rainy day, I wore one of my favorite sweatshirts. By now, you probably have an idea that I am in love with Marc Jacobs so fittingly, I have his name written all over my shirt. I just love Marc okay? Over top, I layered an army green vest from Vero Moda that has cute leather accents. I feel so tough and intimidating in this y’know? For jeans, I’m wearing a pair of dark snakeskin printed skinnies tucked in my beloved Hunters. My beautiful beloved Hunters.

I didn’t go overboard on my accessories. What a surprise eh? I wore my regular jewelry that consists of my Marc Jacobs watch (to match perfectly with my sweatshirt duh) and my Pandora bracelet. I then wore a baseball cap. How great are hats by the way? I was never really a hat wearer until I had a sudden epiphany that I needed a leather baseball cap. When my search for that failed and I ended up getting this plain black one, I discovered the fabulosity that are hats. I literally just brushed up my hair this morning and threw this hat on and bam! I was ready to go.

Sweatshirt– Marc by Marc Jacobs (buy here) // Jeans– Boathouse (similar here) // Boots– Hunter (buy here) // Vest– Vero Moda (similar here) // Hat– Simons (similar here) // Watch– Marc by Marc Jacobs (buy here) // Bracelet– Pandora (buy here)

Make It Yourself Monday- Yogurt Parfait




For my second Make It Yourself Monday, I am once again doing an extremely simple one. As I said before, I am incredibly not artsy or crafty so this is what you get: Yogurt Parfaits because they are delicious and wonderful and the only thing I’ll eat. But seriously, 9 mornings out of 10, this is what you’ll find me eating for breakfast. I have an extremely sensitive stomach in the morning and I have no hunger so this is the only thing that I can eat. Did I mention it’s delicious?

Do I really have to give directions on this? Oh well, I will anyways. First, take some yogurt. My favorite is greek yogurt. I didn’t understand the hype surrounding greek yogurt until I tasted it and fell in love. It’s just thicker and has more protein so that’s good. The one I used in these ones is blackberry yogurt but currently, I am enjoying banana split greek yogurt and it is amazing. Next is (you guessed it) granola. Mine has little bits of dried bluberries and raspberries in it so it’s extra good. I don’t skimp out on my parfaits alright? Then after the granola, I add some fresh fruit. It’s usually blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Never strawberries. I hate strawberries. Weird I know. Then I keep layering these three ingredients until I reach the top of the glass and finish with some yummy blackberries. Then I eat it. And I’m happy. The end.

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The Search for The Denim Dress


I have been on the search for the perfect chambray dress for as long as I can remember. Six year old me was probably looking for one. Let’s be honest, I was one stylish toddler. Originally I wanted a denim shirt dress with a collar and buttons and everything (which I’m still on the hunt for), but I came across this one at H&M and it was love at first sight. It’s part of the Eco Conscious collection so it’s made out of a really cool material called lyocell; it’s like denim but better. It’s a pretty simple silhouette with cute added details like pockets and an exposed gold zipper on the back. Best part? I got this dress on sale for a decent 20 bucks, far from it’s regular price of $50. Good on ya H&M!

I paired this dress with a lace cardigan. I wear this so much in the summer because it’s so lightweight and instantly dresses up any outfit. For shoes, I chose these snakeskin sandals that I’ve been dying to pull out after this long horrible winter. I always pair this Celine-lookalike purse with the sandals because I think they compliment each other perfectly. For jewelry, I wore all gold pieces, which I dot usually do. I just like silver jewelry better. However the gold fits in much better with the warmer shades. I love the look of a gold chain choker with a higher neckline. For bracelets, I’m wearing a cool fish cuff with my J.Crew bracelets that even though I love, I never seem to wear.

On a finishing note, let’s applaud my mama’s flowers. Her lilacs are in bloom and I wish you all could smell them through the screen. Their scent is filling up my room right now. I just love summer.

Dress– H&M (similar here) // Cardigan– ℅ Sincerely Sweet Boutique (similar here) // Shoes– ℅ Just Fab (similar here) // Purse– ℅ Just Fab (similar here) // Necklace– ℅ Shop Midnight Girls (similar here) // Bracelets (l-r)- ℅ Verameat, J.Crew (similar here), J.Crew (similar here)

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Tay’s Comparisons- Lip Crayons

There seems to be so many different kinds of lip crayons on the market so i thought I would break down the differences for you!

(from top to bottom, swatches- right to left)

First, is the Clarins Lip Balm Crayon in Creamy Pink. This one is a very glossy balm and more of a rosy coral. I love the color of this one but it doesn’t last very long on the lips. (buy here★★★★☆

Next, is the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Cherish. This was the first lip crayon I had ever picked up and it’s one of my faves because not only is it moisturizing, but it’s also a stain as well. (buy here★★★★★

Next, is the Bourjois Color Boost Glossy Finish Lipstick in Fuchsia Libre. This one is supposed to last 10 hours, which I don’t really agree with but it’s definitely the most glossy out of the whole bunch! (buy here★★★☆☆

Then comes the Moodmatcher Luxe Lip Crayon. I love this one! It changes color on your lips to the perfect pink and it has great staining properties as well! (buy here★★★★★

Next, is the Pur Minerals Lip Gloss Stick in Pucker. This one may be my least favorite. It’s not especially hydrating nor glossy. It’s more like just a sheer lipstick. (buy here★★☆☆☆

Lastly, comes the Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm in Coquette. I always thought these ones were a stain like the Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stains, but they’re not. They’re more of a shimmery, glossy tinted lip balm, but it’s still very pretty! (buy here★★★☆☆

So there we go! Which ones are your faves?

Pyjama Pants?

These pants resemble and feel like pyjama pants. And I’m totally okay with that.

I have this personal opposition towards wearing jeans in the summer so this leads me to find other options in the warmer months. Sure, there are plenty of shorts and skirts to wear but I wanted a cool pair of pants. And boy, did I find them.

My pants are from Urban. Not to be mistaken with Urban Outfitters. Urban is a local store, situated in Edmonton and Calgary. The Edmonton location is in City Centre. It is such a great store. Over the years, I have been falling in love with it more and more. They always have the most unique pieces from some of my favorite brands, including Gentle Fawn and Vero Moda. Anyways, back to the outfit.

These pants are so freaking comfy! They are very lightweight and breezy and I love them. A lot. I paired them pants with a loose white tee that I knotted, since the pants are a bit more high waisted. I added in pops of color through my turquoise sandals and my matching turquoise skull bracelet. The rest of my jewelry, including my Marc Jacobs watch and Coach purse was kept silver.

Shirt– Aerie (similar here) // PantsUrban City Centre (similar here) // Sandals– Aeropostale (similar here) // Watch– Marc Jacobs (buy here) // Bracelets– Pandora (buy here), Urban Outfitters, ℅ Harmony L // Purse– Coach (buy here) // Necklace– Grandma (similar here)

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Farmers Market Adventures

I always used to think that Edmonton was one of the most boring cities, but when I go to the farmers market downtown, my opinion totally changes. I went to the 104 st. market on Saturday and it was so fun. The weather was perfect and everything was lovely. Absolutely lovely.

The first thing we did when we got to the market was find a place to eat breakfast. We stopped by The Fork and Spoon Brigade food truck and got the Breakfast in a Bowl. It was so delicious and was filled with scrambled egg, meat, mushrooms, potatoes, veggies, and cheese. Basically everything you could ever want all in one bowl. Yum.

One of my favorite things about markets is all the handmade jewelry for sale. You can find such beautiful and unique pieces. One of my favorites was Yeonhee’s Jewelry. Their necklaces were so stunning! I wanted all of them. In addition to all of the lovely stalls, we also stopped by the stores on 104 St. I was so excited to stop by Workhall Boutique. If you live in Edmonton, you have to check this store out! It’s really similar to Oak and Fort and Noul and equally as gorgeous!

Downward Dog

When you’re in Downward Dog, you don’t want things to go downhill. That’s why you need Playtex tampons.

I’m not going to lie, I am not the most athletic person in the world. However, I have danced my entire life and I do like to stay active. One of my favorite ways to stay active is yoga. It doesn’t make my body feel like it’s going to fall apart, yet I still break a sweat and feel like I’m actually do something worthwhile for my health.

With me being the lil’ fashionista that y’all know I am, I like to do yoga in ultimate style. That includes a coordinating outfit, yoga mat, and water bottle. I really like the color purple, can’t you tell? But I also need to feel my best when stretching out into uncomfortable positions, even when it’s that time of the month ahem. To help me out with that, I find the Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons are my best friend in controlling everything down there. It’s important to stay active even when you have your period. Plus, exercising can help to reduce those lovely cramps that really aren’t so lovely.

Now since we are already on the awkward topic of periods, let’s not stop yet! These Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons feature a patented OdorShield technology that helps neutralize odours as well as a light fragrance to give off a fresh, clean scent. Playtex fits your life and body so you can “Play On”.

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*ftc disclaimer: This post is sponsored but all opinions are my own.

I Was Praying That You and Me Might End Up Together

I went to the Farmer’s Market downtown today and it was so cute! I love doing more local things in Edmonton and the market was tons of fun. (And really yummy too oh my)

I am obsessed with this dress. I have been searching for a really simple t shirt dress and I love the look of dropped hems so when I saw this dress at my Forever 21, I was so excited! I hate shopping at Forever 21. It’s just so unorganized and overwhelming so I was really surprised that I actually found something! Believe it or not, my sheer kimono is also from Forever 21. I haven’t bought anything from Forever 21 in so long, so that fact that I’m wearing it head to toe is quite surprising.

My sneakers added the perfect casual vibe to this outfit. Sneakers are an absolute must for me in the summer, but you definitely won’t see me sporing athletic-looking ones. These ones are so cute with the leather shell! For jewelry, I’m wearing a chunky layered necklace from Urban Outfitters. On my wrist, I have my regular Marc Jacobs watch and Pandora bracelet plus a new addition! I got this simple string bracelet at the Fault in Our Stars preshow! How cute is it?! And how cute was that movie?! Oh my Augustus.

Dress- Forever 21 (similar here) // Kimono- Forever 21(similar here) // Shoes- Forever 21 (buy here) // Necklace- Urban Outfitters (similar here) // Watch- Marc Jacobs (buy here) // Bracelet- Pandora (buy here) and TFIOS

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