Make It Yourself Monday- Sunglass Hanger

Beginning today, I’m starting a new weekly segment on my blog called Make It Yourself Mondays! Every Monday (it won’t be every single Monday, I’m not that crafty!), I will show you a new project idea! These won’t be how-to posts. They’re gonna be so easy-peasy that you won’t need instructions. So for this Make It Yourself Monday, I present to you (drumroll please)… the sunglasses organizer! Now, I don’t know about you but I could never figure out the perfect way to store my sunglasses. Unless you have one of those specialty sunglass drawers in your closet, aka you’re Kylie Jenner, there is really no easy way to store your sunglasses without getting them all scratched and being able to see them all laid out. Ready for your solution? I call it the Sunglass Hanger. Catchy right? Not really. All you need is a hanger. I like using the velvet ones so the sunglasses stay on better and won’t slip off! Next you can go ahead and hang all of your sunglasses on it. Mine held about a dozen pairs but you can decide how spaced out you want yours to be depending on how many pairs you own. Lastly, go ahead and decorate your hanger! I draped some jewelry across mine so it could accent the purple in my room and pull everything together. It’s pretty cute if I might say so myself. Are you going to try out this Make It Yourself Monday? Tweet me (@bettathanhannah) or Instagram me (@taylorlainee) pics if you! I would love to see how yours turns out.


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