Who needs a boyfriend when you have boyfriend jeans?

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Let’s talk about jeans today. When was the last time I wore jeans? Not for a very long time. For the large majority of my life, I have opted for skinny jeans or jeggings. Those are the only two styles I would wear. Sure, they’re great for wearing with boots but they get boring after a while. So now that boyfriend jeans are in style, I couldn’t be more excited. I have been looking for a good pair of boyfriend jeans for a while now. Being relatively short and tiny, I couldn’t wear just any pair of baggy jeans. I needed some tighter ones but still ones that resembled boyfriend jeans. I came across these ones at the beginning of the summer but I decided to keep my options open and pass them up in case I found better ones. Four months later I had not come across a pair I liked better so I picked these ones up from American Eagle. If you don’t have a boyfriend, you can still wear their jeans, ya feel me?

The tee that I paired with these jeans has quickly become one of my favorites. It this loose striped shirt that is made out of the softest material I have ever felt (think Wildfox crossed with Brandy Melville). Its has a high-low silhouette with a large slit on the sides so it’s great for wearing with high waisted bottoms.

If you have been following my monthly fashion wishlists, you would know that I have been on the search for a pair of open-toed booties for the longest time. Even thought the Steve Madden Non-Stop Booties are perfect and gorgeous, I just didn’t want to spend money on a trend that might only last a few more months. I’m so glad I didn’t buy those and bought this more inexpensive option instead because they are not the most comfortable thing at all. But they’re hella cute. Fashion is pain and all.

Speaking of my monthly fashion wishlists, I have also been looking for a silver statement necklace. There’s a story that goes along with this necklace as well. I first saw Kylie Jenner wearing a bunch of layered silver necklaces so that sparked my hunt. Then, I spotted this necklace at H&M but there was only one and it didn’t even have a price tag on it so I didn’t end up buying it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it out of my head and went to look for it again. It was sold out of every H&M in Edmonton. I decided to forget about this necklace… until I went on my roadtrip to Calgary. I stopped in at the H&M in Calgary and low and behold, there was my necklace. So I bought it and now it hangs on my neck, looking wonderful.

Shirt- Plndr (similar here) // Jeans- American Eagle (buy here) // Booties- similar here // Clutch- ℅Stella Rittwagen // Necklace- H&M (similar here) // Watch- Marc Jacobs (buy here) // Bracelets- Pandora (buy here) and Kate Spade (buy here)

Bridging the Gaps

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Lately, I’ve been feeling like a very good shopper. I’m only buying pieces that I really need. Over the years, I have acquired so much clothing so do I really need more? Obviously I’m not going to stop shopping so instead, I’ve just been buying more unique and versatile pieces. Like this skirt. I ordered this skirt online at Simons and had it shipped to the store in West Edmonton Mall. Simons is wonderful. Their customer service is amazing.

This skirt is an acid wash denim skirt. I used to be obsessed with those denim miniskirts in grade seven but I decided I needed a more grown up version. I love it. I went for a very casual look today. I paired it with a slightly cropped top from American Eagle and then tied a chambray shirt around my waist. Originally, I was wearing the chambray shirt over my tee for a ‘denim on denim’ kind of look but it got too hot for that. I think the two different denims look great together!

For jewelry, I am wearing my brand new Kate Spade bangle. I have been looking for the perfect bangle to compliment my Marc Jacobs watch and Pandora bracelet but usually, bangles are way too big for my wrist. My wrists are twigs. However, this bangle has a hinge so it’s quite smaller. It’s beautiful. I got it from the new Kate Spade store in West Edmonton Mall, which was so beautiful, oh my.

I then wore beige sneakers on my feet. It seems like sneakers are my go-to footwear choice in summer. They are just so simple and comfy and go with my casual summer vibe. As for my purse, I am wearing my new Marc Jacobs Classic Q Percy Crossbody in Cement. I am falling more and more in love with it everyday.

Top– American Eagle (buy here) // Skirt– Simons (similar here) //Chambray Shirt– ℅ A-Thread (similar here// Shoes– Ardenes (similar here) // Necklace– Shoppers Drug Mart (similar here) // Purse– Marc Jacobs (buy here) // Watch– Marc Jacobs (buy here) // Bracelets– Kate Spade (buy here) and Pandora (buy here) // Sunglasses– ℅ Bleu Dame (similar here) //

Make It Yourself Monday- Beaded Bobby Pins


For my Make It Yourself Monday this week, I will be teaching you how to make some super cute beaded bobby pins. I love bobby pins and fancy ones are just so much more fun. These bobby pins are easy to make once you get the hang of it! The hardest part of it is starting it, but I have faith in you!
For this bobby pin, I chose a “mixed metal” theme! I used a gold bobby pin, copper wire, and silver beads! Cute, I know.


Step one: Hold the center of the wire over the straight edge of the bobby pin at the top and slide the right side of the wire through the rubber tips of the pin and back over the pin to the right. Then do the same with the left side: take the left side of the wire and slide it through the rubber tips and back over to the left.


Step two: Hold the two ends of the wire together and slide a bead onto both wires. Then wrap each wire through the rubber tips, crossing them to hold the bead in place.


Step three: Repeat step two securing each bead to the bobby pin. I follow a pattern of five metal seed beads followed by a larger metal bead. Make sure to pull the wire tight after each bead!



Step four: When you have reached the end of the bobby pin, poke the wire up through the last bead and wrap the wires around the beads. Snip off any excess wire. Done! That wasn’t so bad, right?


Play around with different combinations of beads and colors! You need some to match every single outfit okay?


Are you going to try out this Make It Yourself Monday? Tweet me (@bettathanhannah) or Instagram me (@taylorlainee) pics if you do! I would love to see how yours turns out.

A Beautiful Outfit for A Beautiful Day

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It was such a beautiful day today. The sun was shining. The birds were chirping. Nature was all around me. I had to commemorate this wonderful day by wearing shorts. I haven’t reached for shorts much this summer but I just got this new pair from Plndr. They are a black silky material with cream lace. The only problem with these shorts is that the two flaps aren’t sewn together so if the wind blows, the entire flap lifts up… and you can see everything. So I better get out my sewing needles and fix this problem.

I tucked a white tee from Vero Moda into these shorts. I really love this shirt. It’s the perfect fit and everything but it wrinkles so quickly! I sit down and immediately it’s a mess. For jewelry, I wore my silver locket that was my grandma’s. I’m sure you’re noticing I’ve been wearing it a ton but It’s my favorite necklace right now. As you probably know, I’ve been wanting a really chunky statement necklace, but I have yet to find the perfect one so this one has been substituting for the moment. My arm candy hasn’t been changing lately. I’m wearing my Kate Spade bangle that I still adore, my Marc Jacobs Amy watch, and of course, my Pandora bracelet.

The rest of my outfit just includes these two-tone Bloch flats that compliment the black and cream in the outfit perfectly, and my new Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Percy purse.

Top– Vero Moda (similar here) // Shorts– Plndr (similar here) // Shoes– Bloch (buy here) // Purse– Marc Jacobs (buy here) // Necklace– Grandma’s (similar here) // Watch– Marc Jacobs (buy here) // Bracelets– Kate Spade (buy here) and Pandora (buy here

On The Hunt

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I have been on the hunt for a leather vest for quite some time now. After seeing this one at Noul, I knew I needed one in my closet right away, but I was not prepared for the $130 price tag so it became my mission to find one for cheaper. I am sad to admit that my mission was not successful. Every leather vest I found was nowhere near as nice as this Noul one so my heart told me to just splurge and buy it. Yolo right? Uh huh. So now, here it sits in my closet. I’m so glad I decided to buy it. It’s such a staple piece and I believe I’ll be wearing it for many seasons to come. Today, I paired it with one of my favourite dresses: this dropped waist dress from Forever 21. I love the girly and edgy silhouettes paired together. I feel like that is where my style is evolving to.

As always, I spiced my outfit up with my accessories. I am absolutely obsessed with this necklace. I picked it up from Topshop when I was in Calgary on my road trip. Who knew Chinook Centre had a Topshop? It was so beautiful. If you know me, you know I don’t like to buy jewelry anymore because of the abundance of it sitting in my room. But lately, I’ve been noticing my ratio of gold to silver necklace is way off, so I decided I needed this necklace in my life. It’s mainly silver with gold accents so it allows me to effortlessly mixed metals in my outfit. For bracelets today, I kept it simple with this Urban Outfitters bracelet that I seem to be wearing everyday. My brother even noticed as he took these pictures, telling me he’s already taken shots of this bracelet countless times; that sass. I wore my Marc Jacobs watch like always but watch out! (no pun intended) I’ve recently added a new watch to my collection so I’m sure you’ll be seeing that one lots instead now!

When I was putting together this outfit, I came to a roadblock when it was time to pick out shoes. Originally, I though the Steve Madden Nonstop Booties would have looked perfect with this look, but alas, I don’t own those shoes. I’ve heard they are super unpractical and uncomfortable anyways so I don’t know if they’ll ever have a place in my closet. But then I remembered these shoes. I picked these up from The Bay a month ago and I’ve only worn them once. I completely forgot I owned them. However, I really like how they look with this outfit! And can we just talk about my toes for a second? I went for my first pedicure yesterday and it was magical. I got gel polish so hopefully my toes will look this beautiful for the rest of the summer. Speaking of summer, I only have a month and a half of it left. UGH.

Vest– Noul (buy here) // Dress– Forever 21 (similar here) // Shoes– The Bay (similar here// Necklace– Topshop (buy here// Purse– Marc Jacobs (buy here// Watch– Marc Jacobs (buy here) // Bracelet– Urban Outfitters (buy here)