Make It Yourself Monday- Beaded Bobby Pins


For my Make It Yourself Monday this week, I will be teaching you how to make some super cute beaded bobby pins. I love bobby pins and fancy ones are just so much more fun. These bobby pins are easy to make once you get the hang of it! The hardest part of it is starting it, but I have faith in you!
For this bobby pin, I chose a “mixed metal” theme! I used a gold bobby pin, copper wire, and silver beads! Cute, I know.


Step one: Hold the center of the wire over the straight edge of the bobby pin at the top and slide the right side of the wire through the rubber tips of the pin and back over the pin to the right. Then do the same with the left side: take the left side of the wire and slide it through the rubber tips and back over to the left.


Step two: Hold the two ends of the wire together and slide a bead onto both wires. Then wrap each wire through the rubber tips, crossing them to hold the bead in place.


Step three: Repeat step two securing each bead to the bobby pin. I follow a pattern of five metal seed beads followed by a larger metal bead. Make sure to pull the wire tight after each bead!



Step four: When you have reached the end of the bobby pin, poke the wire up through the last bead and wrap the wires around the beads. Snip off any excess wire. Done! That wasn’t so bad, right?


Play around with different combinations of beads and colors! You need some to match every single outfit okay?


Are you going to try out this Make It Yourself Monday? Tweet me (@bettathanhannah) or Instagram me (@taylorlainee) pics if you do! I would love to see how yours turns out.


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