On The Hunt

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I have been on the hunt for a leather vest for quite some time now. After seeing this one at Noul, I knew I needed one in my closet right away, but I was not prepared for the $130 price tag so it became my mission to find one for cheaper. I am sad to admit that my mission was not successful. Every leather vest I found was nowhere near as nice as this Noul one so my heart told me to just splurge and buy it. Yolo right? Uh huh. So now, here it sits in my closet. I’m so glad I decided to buy it. It’s such a staple piece and I believe I’ll be wearing it for many seasons to come. Today, I paired it with one of my favourite dresses: this dropped waist dress from Forever 21. I love the girly and edgy silhouettes paired together. I feel like that is where my style is evolving to.

As always, I spiced my outfit up with my accessories. I am absolutely obsessed with this necklace. I picked it up from Topshop when I was in Calgary on my road trip. Who knew Chinook Centre had a Topshop? It was so beautiful. If you know me, you know I don’t like to buy jewelry anymore because of the abundance of it sitting in my room. But lately, I’ve been noticing my ratio of gold to silver necklace is way off, so I decided I needed this necklace in my life. It’s mainly silver with gold accents so it allows me to effortlessly mixed metals in my outfit. For bracelets today, I kept it simple with this Urban Outfitters bracelet that I seem to be wearing everyday. My brother even noticed as he took these pictures, telling me he’s already taken shots of this bracelet countless times; that sass. I wore my Marc Jacobs watch like always but watch out! (no pun intended) I’ve recently added a new watch to my collection so I’m sure you’ll be seeing that one lots instead now!

When I was putting together this outfit, I came to a roadblock when it was time to pick out shoes. Originally, I though the Steve Madden Nonstop Booties would have looked perfect with this look, but alas, I don’t own those shoes. I’ve heard they are super unpractical and uncomfortable anyways so I don’t know if they’ll ever have a place in my closet. But then I remembered these shoes. I picked these up from The Bay a month ago and I’ve only worn them once. I completely forgot I owned them. However, I really like how they look with this outfit! And can we just talk about my toes for a second? I went for my first pedicure yesterday and it was magical. I got gel polish so hopefully my toes will look this beautiful for the rest of the summer. Speaking of summer, I only have a month and a half of it left. UGH.

Vest– Noul (buy here) // Dress– Forever 21 (similar here) // Shoes– The Bay (similar here// Necklace– Topshop (buy here// Purse– Marc Jacobs (buy here// Watch– Marc Jacobs (buy here) // Bracelet– Urban Outfitters (buy here)


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