Plaid All Day, Everyday

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For the majority of my life- actually no, I might be exaggerating. For just over a year now, I have been crazy about plaid. There’s something about plaid that just makes me so excited about autumn and the beginnings of winter. Last year I was on the search for the perfect flannel and this year, I was on the search for the perfect pair of plaid pants. I saw a particular pair of plaid pants onSheinside and the lovely Jalynn’s blog, but I was hesitant to order them online. I wasn’t sure how they would fit or how they would look. And if there’s anything I hate more than shopping online, it’s returns online. So, when I saw a similar pair at Urban Outfitters, I decided they could have a home inside my closet instead. Unfortunately, these ones are now sold out online, so I’ll link a similar pair down below.

These pants are the weirdest fitting pants I have ever tried on. They are super high waisted with a really baggy crotch and super tight fitting ankles. Surprisngly, I kinda like the fit. They look cool hey? Because they are so high waisted, I was able to pair them with my black crop top that I never seem to wear. For shoes, I wore my black booties that go with everything.

I added my leather jacket overtop. I think I look quite rebellious with the plaid and the leather. Am I right or am I right? For jewelry, I wore my two favorite necklaces. These were both passed down to me when my grandma passed away and I couldn’t love them more. They are very dear to my heart.

Also, can we take a moment to mourn the leaves on the ground? My trees are now bare. Winter is coming folks. I should start pulling out the parka and the Uggs.

TopForever 21 // Jacket– ℅Shop Priceless // PantsUrban Outfitters //ShoesCall It Spring // Watch– ℅Daniel Wellington // Jewelry– My Grandma’s


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