Summer Came Back For A Day

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As the last bits of summer are fading, I’m trying to prolong the sweaters and fall colors as much as possible. It was 27 degrees (Celcius) so I was still able to wear my regular summer attire. I have a feeling this may be one of the last days this year that I will able to dress this summery. Am I sad? That is to be decided.

I just got this new tank top from Langford Market. It’s so pretty and although I’m able to wear it now without any sort of jacket overtop, I’m super excited to bring it into the fall time too and layer cardigans and blazers over it. I paired it with the most summery pair of pants I own. For shoes, I wore my nude sandals with a chunky silver heel. I totally forgot I owned these shoes and I’m a bit embarrassed to say, I’ve only worn these a couple times this whole summer. Oops.

Accessories are once again very simple. I really haven’t been changing them at all. My Kate Spade purse and my Marc Jacobs watch are all I need! I also wore my new wooden cross necklace from 9th and Elm that has my favorite verse engraved on it. I also finally changed my nail polish on my toes. I had a bright pink gel polish on them all summer but I figured that I needed something a tad bit darker so I painted this bright cobalt blue on them (and my fingernails too!).

Top– ℅Langford Market // Jeans- Vero Moda // SandalsThe Bay // PurseKate Spade // WatchMarc Jacobs // Necklace– ℅9th and Elm //Nails– ℅Lancome #557 Nuit D’Azur


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