No White After Labour Day

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It finally snowed here in Edmonton. I’m hoping the snow will melt away in a day but I have a feeling it’s here to stay. (Hey, that rhymed!) Usually, we have snow by the middle of October so I guess I should be thankful that it waited this long to show it’s presence.

To show the snow how much I love it, I wore my white jeans. And yes, I know you’re not supposed to wear white after labour day. My mom gave me a lecture about it. But I picked up these jeans at the Noul Warehouse sale and I really couldn’t wait until the next summer to wear them. I tried to make them as winter-y as I could!

I paired them with a striped turtleneck from Zara. I order this turtleneck online and I honestly didn’t have high hopes for it. I just wanted it for a basic layering piece. But, it has quickly became one of my favorite tops. It’s so lightweight, yet cozy. It is made out of the softest material ever. Overtop, I wore a grey peacoat. Fun fact about this coat: I picked it up at Old Navy a few years back on crazy clearance. I rediscovered it this year and realized what a great coat it is! It has been one of my favorite coats to wear this year.

For shoes, I’m wearing my oxblood booties from Call It Spring and for jewelry, I’m layering a bunch of rings today. I’m slowly getting back into rings after picking up this really cool moonstone ring from Urban Outfitters.

So, I hope you like my outfit and yes, I realize this is the last day I’ll be able to wear these jeans. My legs were not pleased with my irrational thinking. But all in the name of fashion, right?

TurtleneckZara // JeansNoul // CoatOld Navy // BootsCall It Spring //EarringsForever 21 // RingsUrban Outfitters, Noul, Oak and Fort // LipsGuerlain

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