Oakley is Watching You

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My friend, Taraneh, and I went shopping the other day. We were supposed to be studying, but we’ll just ignore that tidbit of information. Anyways, she picked up this skirt at Zara and when we went to try it on, I fell in love with it. However, there was only one left. So, we did what any girls would do. We fought to the death for it. Three black eyes and seven broken limbs later, Tars won. She got to buy the skirt. But at the last possible moment in the checkout line, she had a sudden moment of generosity and decided I could have the skirt. It’s a hella cute skirt, the fight was well worth it.

I paired the skirt with all black pieces. I’ve been turning more and more to black in these recent months. There’s just something so simple and timeless about all-black outfits. I tucked in a black button down blouse and layered a blazer over it. With opaque black tights and my new favorite black booties, my outfit was complete.

However, knowing me, I do need a little bit of color in my life so for my purse today, I wore this bright colorblocked satchel. It added just the right amount of happiness and life into my outfit. It made me a happy gal. For jewelry, I decided to wear a statement necklace that complimented the skirt quite nicely. Is it just me or are statement necklaces going out of style? I feel like they used to be the hottest thing but lately everyone is reverting to the daintier, simpler styles. Not that I’m complaining, simplicity is always best in my eyes.

BlazerForever 21 // Shirt– ℅Elizabeth and Clarke // SkirtZara // Tights– Bloch // BootsTown Shoes // Purse– ℅Stella Rittwagen // WatchMarc Jacobs // BraceletPandora // Necklace– ℅Our World Boutique // NailsL’oreal // LipsMaybelline // Sunglasses– ℅Marc Jacobs


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