Make It Yourself Monday- Beaded Bobby Pins


For my Make It Yourself Monday this week, I will be teaching you how to make some super cute beaded bobby pins. I love bobby pins and fancy ones are just so much more fun. These bobby pins are easy to make once you get the hang of it! The hardest part of it is starting it, but I have faith in you!
For this bobby pin, I chose a “mixed metal” theme! I used a gold bobby pin, copper wire, and silver beads! Cute, I know.


Step one: Hold the center of the wire over the straight edge of the bobby pin at the top and slide the right side of the wire through the rubber tips of the pin and back over the pin to the right. Then do the same with the left side: take the left side of the wire and slide it through the rubber tips and back over to the left.


Step two: Hold the two ends of the wire together and slide a bead onto both wires. Then wrap each wire through the rubber tips, crossing them to hold the bead in place.


Step three: Repeat step two securing each bead to the bobby pin. I follow a pattern of five metal seed beads followed by a larger metal bead. Make sure to pull the wire tight after each bead!



Step four: When you have reached the end of the bobby pin, poke the wire up through the last bead and wrap the wires around the beads. Snip off any excess wire. Done! That wasn’t so bad, right?


Play around with different combinations of beads and colors! You need some to match every single outfit okay?


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Make It Yourself Monday- Braided Headband


For my third Make It Yourself Monday, I’m going to show you one of my favorite hairstyles. I’m sure you’re all sensing a pattern here, as this one is extremely simple and straightforward as well, but it’s so cute! I think it’s boho vibe is perfect for summer and it’s great at keeping your hair out of your face. And the best part? It takes less than 10 minutes to do! (Once you get good at it, it’ll take you less than 5 minutes #pro)


1. Start with straight hair and part it in a middle part. Feel free to try this hairstyle out with curly hair but I personally like the style better when my hair is straight.


2. Next, take one inch sections from just above your ears. Leave out the pieces of hair surrounding your face. Braid these one inch sections but instead of crossing the outside pieces over to form the braid, cross these pieces under. (It is just a backwards braid.) Secure the ends with an elastic.


3. Doing one at a time, lay the braid overtop of your head and bobby pin it just above your ear on the other side.


4. Next, take the front pieces of your hair and bobby pin them back. These pieces of hair are especially helpful in covering any bumps n’ lumps in your braids.


And voila! All done. Finish with a smoothing cream or hairspray and you’re all ready to go!



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Make It Yourself Monday- Yogurt Parfait




For my second Make It Yourself Monday, I am once again doing an extremely simple one. As I said before, I am incredibly not artsy or crafty so this is what you get: Yogurt Parfaits because they are delicious and wonderful and the only thing I’ll eat. But seriously, 9 mornings out of 10, this is what you’ll find me eating for breakfast. I have an extremely sensitive stomach in the morning and I have no hunger so this is the only thing that I can eat. Did I mention it’s delicious?

Do I really have to give directions on this? Oh well, I will anyways. First, take some yogurt. My favorite is greek yogurt. I didn’t understand the hype surrounding greek yogurt until I tasted it and fell in love. It’s just thicker and has more protein so that’s good. The one I used in these ones is blackberry yogurt but currently, I am enjoying banana split greek yogurt and it is amazing. Next is (you guessed it) granola. Mine has little bits of dried bluberries and raspberries in it so it’s extra good. I don’t skimp out on my parfaits alright? Then after the granola, I add some fresh fruit. It’s usually blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Never strawberries. I hate strawberries. Weird I know. Then I keep layering these three ingredients until I reach the top of the glass and finish with some yummy blackberries. Then I eat it. And I’m happy. The end.

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Make It Yourself Monday- Sunglass Hanger

Beginning today, I’m starting a new weekly segment on my blog called Make It Yourself Mondays! Every Monday (it won’t be every single Monday, I’m not that crafty!), I will show you a new project idea! These won’t be how-to posts. They’re gonna be so easy-peasy that you won’t need instructions. So for this Make It Yourself Monday, I present to you (drumroll please)… the sunglasses organizer! Now, I don’t know about you but I could never figure out the perfect way to store my sunglasses. Unless you have one of those specialty sunglass drawers in your closet, aka you’re Kylie Jenner, there is really no easy way to store your sunglasses without getting them all scratched and being able to see them all laid out. Ready for your solution? I call it the Sunglass Hanger. Catchy right? Not really. All you need is a hanger. I like using the velvet ones so the sunglasses stay on better and won’t slip off! Next you can go ahead and hang all of your sunglasses on it. Mine held about a dozen pairs but you can decide how spaced out you want yours to be depending on how many pairs you own. Lastly, go ahead and decorate your hanger! I draped some jewelry across mine so it could accent the purple in my room and pull everything together. It’s pretty cute if I might say so myself. Are you going to try out this Make It Yourself Monday? Tweet me (@bettathanhannah) or Instagram me (@taylorlainee) pics if you! I would love to see how yours turns out.

DIY Pretty Pins

I have countless bottles of nail polish (we’re talking 180+ bottles) so I’m always searching for ways to use them other than just for my nails because let’s face it, I will never use them all up. Combine them with my love of hair accessories and we’ve found a winner.

I always see pretty metallic and colorful bobby pins at places like Anthropologie but $18 for four bobby pins? That’s not so pretty. Then, I got to thinking, why not just make my own? Brilliant right?

  1. Start with grabbing some scrap paper.
  2. Clip the bobby pins on to the edge of the paper so they lie flat.
  3. Select the prettiest polish you can find and begin to paint the bobby pin.
  4. Use some q-tips to clean around the edges so the nail polish doesn’t pool up.
  5. Apply three coats. It takes a few coats to become opaque! It helps if you use lighter colored bobby pins.
  6. Wait for them to dry and then repeat on the other side.
  7. And voila! You’ve got yourself some good lookin bobby pins.