I’m a lion, hear me roar

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At first glance upon these photos, you may have asked yourself, “Is that a lion or is that Taylor pretending to be a lion?” Well folks, I’m sorry to disappoint, but I’m not a lion.

As the weather is slowly warming up, I thought this might be my last chance to wear this fur snood this season. I really wish I had picked this up earlier because it would have saved me on those cold snowy days in December. I could have just buried my head in it and forgot all about the bitterness around me. However the only reason I bought this scarf so late is because it went on super sale at Aritzia! I wasn’t going to pay $65 for this scarf. $20 is way more reasonable wouldn’t ya say? I’m a broke college student, it’s a hard life.

I tried to tone down the rest of my outfit, as a giant fur scarf is kind of overwhelming. I wore an all-black ensemble with burgundy boots for a hint of colour and threw a camel-coloured coat over my shoulders because I’m chic like that. Yeah, I will never understand the whole ‘wearing a coat draped over your shoulders’ thing, but I think it looked cute with this outfit so whatever.

Coat- ℅Asos // Top- ℅Romwe // Jeans- ℅Aeropostale // Shoes- Aldo // Scarf- Aritzia // Bag- Similar here //

*ftc disclaimer: I was sent items marked with ‘℅’ for free but all opinions are my own


A More Stylish 20 Year Old

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This was my first outfit as a twenty year old. Don’t I look like a real adult about to take on the world? Why yes. Yes I do.

I guess I should start this post off by stating that I have some of the world’s best friends. They all teamed up together to get my this gorgeous Marc Jacobs scarf for my twentieth birthday. (Whoa, I still can’t believe I’m twenty. This is crazy.) I didn’t know I could a love a scarf this much. It’s absolutely perfect in each and every way. I don’t think I’ll ever take it off. We should probably rename this blog “When I’m Marc” because I’m not getting older and changing anymore. I will just consistently and constantly be Marc.

Your eyes might have drifted from my scarf to the gorgeous purse hanging from my arm. This was a birthday present from my favorite gal, Emily.  There is quite the story behind this purse. So, this bag is from Shoppers Drug Mart where both me and Emily work. I have been eyeing this bag for as long as I can remember. I never had the will to splurge on it however. And then, the day before my birthday, I sold the last one to a customer and I cried. I thought I would never see that bag again. But suddenly my birthday came around the corner and alas, guess what Emily had in her hands. This purse.

So friends, thank you for the wonderful and thoughtful presents. You know me way too well. But also, thank you for being the best friends a girl could ask for. You made my birthday so special and I am so lucky to call this year the best birthday yet. It was such a wonderful birthday weekend filled with laughter, tears, surprises and me almost dying. (I may or may not have ate a silica gel packet, it’s a long story.)

JacketForever 21 // Leggings– Zara // BootsZara // ScarfMarc Jacobs//Purse– Sergio Feretti // Sunglasses– ℅Marc Jacobs //

Oakley and Tay

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Hello friends! I hope you’re all doing wonderfully on this fine Friday morning. It’s been a long week for me, filled with two (yes two!) concerts and a midterm. But alas, now it’s Friday and I am set free for the weekend! Can we get a hip hip hooray?

I’ve been in a bit of an outfit slump lately. Or maybe it should be more accurately called a life slump. My hair is way too long, my skin is hating me and my clothes just seem so drab and unexciting. I think I always fall into this attitude around this time every year. I blame it on Edmonton’s six month winters. By the end of them, I’m just so sick of winter and the snow and I’m ready to start pulling out my crop tops and shorts.

However, since summer is still far away, I was forced to pick out a cold weather-approved outfit. This one consisted of a knit turtleneck sweater from the Bay. I have this weird obsession with tops that have zippers on the side. I’m not sure why, they have absolutely no function, but yet, they’re so intriguing! Underneath I layered a chambray shirt that I thought I had no use for anymore. I’m so glad I didn’t throw it away!

I got a new pair of boots. When am I going to stop buying booties? Can’t stop, won’t stop. I thought these ones were so cute! And to make things slightly better, I had a 40% off coupon on one full priced item at Forever 21 so these boots were quite cheap. So you guys should probably sign up for Forever 21 emails to get discounts like these! Let’s all be bargain hunters together hurrah!

SweaterThe Bay // Chambray Shirt– ℅Goddiva // Jeans– ℅Aeropostale //BootsForever 21 // PurseMarc Jacobs // WatchFossil // Bracelet– Simons // Ring– ℅Presh //


Oakley is Watching You

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My friend, Taraneh, and I went shopping the other day. We were supposed to be studying, but we’ll just ignore that tidbit of information. Anyways, she picked up this skirt at Zara and when we went to try it on, I fell in love with it. However, there was only one left. So, we did what any girls would do. We fought to the death for it. Three black eyes and seven broken limbs later, Tars won. She got to buy the skirt. But at the last possible moment in the checkout line, she had a sudden moment of generosity and decided I could have the skirt. It’s a hella cute skirt, the fight was well worth it.

I paired the skirt with all black pieces. I’ve been turning more and more to black in these recent months. There’s just something so simple and timeless about all-black outfits. I tucked in a black button down blouse and layered a blazer over it. With opaque black tights and my new favorite black booties, my outfit was complete.

However, knowing me, I do need a little bit of color in my life so for my purse today, I wore this bright colorblocked satchel. It added just the right amount of happiness and life into my outfit. It made me a happy gal. For jewelry, I decided to wear a statement necklace that complimented the skirt quite nicely. Is it just me or are statement necklaces going out of style? I feel like they used to be the hottest thing but lately everyone is reverting to the daintier, simpler styles. Not that I’m complaining, simplicity is always best in my eyes.

BlazerForever 21 // Shirt– ℅Elizabeth and Clarke // SkirtZara // Tights– Bloch // BootsTown Shoes // Purse– ℅Stella Rittwagen // WatchMarc Jacobs // BraceletPandora // Necklace– ℅Our World Boutique // NailsL’oreal // LipsMaybelline // Sunglasses– ℅Marc Jacobs

Like Dog like Owner

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Anyone who knows me knows that my life revolves around my dog, Oakley. He is the love of my life and I want to be just like him. When I saw this coat at Topshop, I fell in love with it. Some people may think it resembles a sheep, but I like to call it my Oakley coat. We look like twins, wouldn’t you say? My goal in life is to resemble Oakley and I think I am getting closer and closer to achieving that.

For pants today, I am wearing my new leather pants from Zara. I have been wanting leather pants for the longest time, but I didn’t want the traditional black liquid leggings. I have had my eye on these ones for the longest time but they were a tiny bit pricey, however when Zara’s semi-annual sale hit stores, I finally found it in my budget to buy these pants. They are a dark grey color with gunmetal zippers on the pockets and cool ruched detailing on the knees. I’m pretty badass.

The rest of my outfit was kept simple. I think sherpa with leather is pretty loud so I was forced to keep everything else on the down-low. My turtleneck is a striped one from Zara. These are sold out online but if you find them in store, you HAVE to pick one (or ten) up. They are the softest, comfiest, most versatile basic you will ever need. My boots are simple black ankle ones from Spring and I’m wearing my new gunmetal accessories from Marc Jacobs and Oak and Fort.

I think I need to find cream sherpa pants to match this coat and then I’ll dress up as Oakley for Halloween. Is that the best idea ever? Yes. Yes it is indeed.

P.s if you’re feeling the absence of Oakley in your life, I have made the decision to design Oakley a blog of his own. You can follow his stories athttp://whenhesolder.tumblr.com/. Does this make me a crazy dog lady?

TurtleneckZara // CardiTopshop // Leather Moto PantsZara // BootsSpring // WatchMarc Jacobs // BraceletPandora // RingOak and Fort

School Has Commenced

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School has commenced and I am not happy about it. So I wore all black to tell the world just how depressed I am about having to wake up at 6am. It’s not a fun time, I promise.

You might be wondering why I’m wearing a dress to university. My mom sure was. I received a very long lecture on how I should be putting more effort into learning and studying than my outfits. Here is my rebuttle. It takes the same amount of time to put on a dress or put on jeans. And I’m just a very girly person so I will keep wearing dresses and skirts and curling my hair thank you very much.

I really love this dress. I picked it up from Zara and it’s the perfect little black dress. It has a high neckline that balances out the short skirt, with cute sleeves. I paired it with the Liam vest from Noul. It’s been a struggle not to wear this vest with every single outfit. It’s the awkward transition between summer and fall so I wore some very sheer tights and some dark green suede booties to add in a tiny bit of color.

My jewelry was very basic today. I wore my favorite necklace from H&M and my regular watch and bracelet. I haven’t been switching up my bracelets lately. I’m boring, I know. BUT, I am wearing a new purse today! To celebrate surviving my second week of my second year of university, I allowed myself to buy this gorgeous Kate Spade purse. I needed a new grey small purse and this one was on sale and it’s so darn cute. I love it!

AND PS. did you know that you get a student discount at Kate Spade?! 15% off! They told me they don’t advertise this discount, hence me never knowing this existed until now. So yeah, don’t say I didn’t tell you.

Dress- Zara // Vest- Noul // Tights- Shoppers Drug Mart  // Boots- Target // Necklace- H&M // Purse- Kate Spade // Watch- Marc Jacobs // Bracelet-Pandora


Little Plaid Riding Hood

IMG_6314  IMG_6330 IMG_6350 IMG_6366 IMG_6368 IMG_6380 IMG_6414IMG_6326IMG_6421 IMG_6457

Midterm season has hit and the past couple of weeks have been absolutely dreadful. Although I’m not one of those students who is just going to wear hoodies and sweats when they’re studying, I definitely don’t put as much effort into my outfits. School comes first and comfort is key. And this outfit is one of the comfiest ones I’ve ever worn.

My main studying staple is a scarf. Scarves are the ultimate layering piece. Too hot? Take the scarf off. Too cold? Wear the scarf like a blanket .Just right? Wear the scarf around your neck. How much better can it get? 

The scarf that I’m wearing today is a shawl style so I literally look like I’m wearing a blanket all day. And it feels like that too. I wore it over my favorite black turtleneck sweater. For pants, I’m wearing leggings because there’s nothing comfier than that. These leggings are from Onzie and I’ve been loving them. They have a mesh panel down the side and the material is similar to Lululemon leggings but even better! I find they’re more silky and don’t pill like my Lululemon ones tend to do. 

For boots, I’m wearing my trusty Hunter rain boots. It didn’t end up raining today, but at least I was prepared. I’m wearing a new purse today! I’ve been looking for a bag with a bit more color because I tend to carry only neutral bags. This one is from Zara and is a light blue color with black detailing. Super cute. 

Sweater- Vero Moda // Scarf- Only via Kixs // Leggings- ℅Onzie // Boots- Hunter // Purse- Zara // Watch- Marc Jacobs // Earrings- Noul

Too Cool For School

1-IMG_2863 1-IMG_2868 1-IMG_2870 1-IMG_2889 1-IMG_2926 1-IMG_2942 1-IMG_2953 1-IMG_2958 1-IMG_2967

Back-to-school time always has a tendency to bring out my preppier side and while this outfit isn’t exactly termed preppy, I definitely feel more put together than when I am wearing my summer uniform consisting of shorts and tees.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I have been loving this vest. I’m so glad i bought it because I have been wearing it nonstop lately. Today, I paired it with this seersucker blouse from The Fraternity Collection. The Fraternity Collection is a company dedicated to southern, preppy style and I love combining that style with my more Canadian style. I love how the edginess of my vest compliments the classiness of my shirt.

For bottoms, I’m wearing my boyfriend jeans from American Eagle. Currently, my legs are covered in mosquito bites so goodbye shorts and hello jeans. I’m not even complaining though, I love these jeans! As for shoes, I recently got these Steve Madden heels for a super good price at Town Shoes. They are surprisingly comfy and not so surprisingly adorable.

For accessories, I kept it pretty simple with one of my new favorite bracelets from the Willamy Collection. It is a beaded leather wrap bracelet and I think it goes great with this outfit! I love the layered look of it! I then just slipped on a cool pair of sunglasses because even though summer is slipping away, the sun hasn’t quite yet.

Shirt– ℅The Fraternity Collection (buy here) // Vest– Noul (buy here)// Jeans– American Eagle (buy here) // Shoes– Steve Madden(similar here) // Bracelet– ℅Willamy Collection (buy here) //Sunglasses– ℅Giant Vintage (buy here) // Lipstick– ℅Lancome //


Colour Pop Eyeshadows Review

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I have heard such great things about these eyeshadows from Colour Pop but I was never quite convinced. How good could an eyeshadow really be after all? Aren’t they all the same?

NO. The answer is definitely no. These eyeshadows from Colour Pop are like no other shadows. Everything about them is perfect. Let’s talk about the formula first. These are creme-like powders that have an elastic-like texture. This means there isn’t any fallout and they apply beautifully. Plus, they last super long and don’t even crease throughout the day. Next, let’s talk about the pigmentation. Oh my goodness, are these ever pigmented. Take a look at those swatches, are those not the most beautiful colors you’ve ever seen? From left to right is ‘I Heart This’ which is a gorgeous light taupe. It is perfect for all over the lid. Next is ‘Desert’ which is a warm medium brown. ‘On The Rocks’ is a deep bronze with purple and gold glitter. I love this one for deepening up the crease. Next is ‘Amaze’, which is the perfect rose gold. I think golds with pink undertones are the most flattering colors! To the right of that one is ‘Meow’, which is such a cool color! It is a tie-dye shadow with pink, purple, and gunmetal colors that all combine to produce one gorgeous shade! Lastly, ‘Envy’ is a deep black with tons of purple glitter! It is the perfect color to line my eyes with!

Colour Pop has so many beautiful shades of eyeshadows and I think I need every single one. I’m not even exaggerating. And did I mention the price? Each eyeshadow is only $5. For quality like this, that’s practically, no definitely, a steal.

Check out Colour Pop: http://colourpop.com/

I Heart This: http://colourpop.com/product/taupe-eyeshadow-i-heart-this/

Desert: http://colourpop.com/product/brown-eyeshadow-desert/

On The Rocks: http://colourpop.com/product/bronze-eyeshadow-on-the-rocks/

Amaze: http://colourpop.com/product/rose-gold-eyeshadow-amaze/

Meow: http://colourpop.com/product/gunmetal-eyeshadow-meow/

Envy: http://colourpop.com/product/purple-eyeshadow-envy/

*ftc disclaimer: I was sent these products for free but all opinions are my own.

I’m a rainbow

1-IMG_2975 1-IMG_2999 1-IMG_3022 1-IMG_3063 1-IMG_3088 1-IMG_3090 1-IMG_3100 1-IMG_3106 1-IMG_3109

This summer, I’ve been shying away from color. But sometimes, I just want to go back to my roots and step out in an outfit that is reminiscent of a rainbow. Because who doesn’t want to be a rainbow?

This dress is from a cute boutique called the Happy Wardrobe and it is a summer staple. It is such a light material so it’s absolutely perfect for the hottest of summer days. It has cute three quarter length sleeves with a accompanying navy belt. I love the coral color and print of this dress. Coral is the mandatory summer color.

For jewelry, I went along with the colorful theme. The cuff is also from The Happy Wardrobe. It goes great with the dress with the blue underlay and the gold metal. My necklace from the Hawthorne Collection also compliments the colors in the dress perfectly. As for shoes and purse, I think these two are pretty self-explanatory. I feel like I have been wearing this combination every single day this summer. But don’t change something that isn’t broken right? I think that rule applies to fashion.

Dress– ℅The Happy Wardrobe // Sandals– Sam Edelman (buy here) //Necklace– ℅Hawthorne Collection (buy here) // Cuff– ℅The Happy Wardrobe // Purse– Marc Jacobs (buy here)