Tay’s Thoughts- Benefit Big Easy

Now that the warmer weather has finally hit Edmonton (it was literally snowing last week), it’s time to switch up my foundations. During the winter, I wear my Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation but that one is way too oily to wear during the summer. It just sweats right off. So I’ve been switching to the new Benefit Big Easy ‘foundation’. It’s not really a foundation but it’s a bit more than a BB cream so I’m not sure what to call it.

This foundation is such a cool product and I was so excited to receive it at my Benefit training. There are so many awesome features about it. First, it is a liquid to powder formula so it can be applied easily but then it transforms into a more matte, smooth finish. You don’t have to worry about having your face look oily throughout the day. Also, this foundation contains SPF 35! SPF is one of the most important things to have on your face in the summer (and throughout the whole year for that matter). Thirdly, this product custom matches to your skin shade. I wear shade #02 light but I can also wear #01, #03, and even #04 if I was a tiny bit tanner. That means you could wear this same foundation all year long even if you tend to tan more in the summer. As for coverage, this foundation has less coverage than a typical foundation but more coverage than a BB Cream. However, I find that the Benefit Big Easy has the perfect amount of coverage for the summer. If you want more coverage, just layer this with your favorite concealer.

I was very impressed with the Benefit Big Easy foundation. It’s a super innovative product that doesn’t seem to compare with anything else! I think this is the perfect Summer product!

Check out Benefit: http://www.benefitcosmetics.com/

Shop Benefit Big Easy here

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*ftc disclaimer: I was gifted the Big Easy from Benefit but all opinions are my own.


Tay’s Thoughts- Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

I have never worn a drugstore foundation before. I don’t have anything against them… well maybe I do since I have never found one I like. But that has all changed. I recently picked up this Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation from work and I did not have high expectations for it at all. It sat in my room for a couple of weeks but a few days ago, I picked it up and decided to finally try it out. A bit of background on my foundation-wearing ways: I have worn Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation for about a year and a half now. I used to love it but lately I’ve been feeling as if I could do better. Enter this foundation.

As soon as I started to apply it, I noticed a huge difference. Winter has turned my skin into a dry flaky mess (I’m exaggerating but still) and exams have caused stress pimples (so not cute) but this foundation applied beautifully. It’s a very moisturizing formula so it did not make my dry skin stand out nearly as much as my Tarte foundation did. Plus this foundation is supposed to give an anti-fatigue effect as well as a radiant glow. I definitely noticed that my skin looked a lot healthier and indeed had a glowing look to it. It has a nice bit of coverage, definitely buildable but it still has a nice light feel to it.

The only issue I have with this foundation is that once summer comes and my skin is more oily, there’s no way I’ll be able to get away this foundation. This foundation is definitely best suited for people with dry skin. Even when I set this foundation with a matte powder, I do fine myself looking a bit shiny towards the end of the day.

Other than that, I’ve really been enjoying this foundation and it has definitely replaced my Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation. Oh and the best part? Its a quarter of the cost! Hurrah!

Find it here: http://uk.rimmellondon.com/products/face/wake-me-foundation

(I wear the lightest shade: 100 Ivory)

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