A More Stylish 20 Year Old

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This was my first outfit as a twenty year old. Don’t I look like a real adult about to take on the world? Why yes. Yes I do.

I guess I should start this post off by stating that I have some of the world’s best friends. They all teamed up together to get my this gorgeous Marc Jacobs scarf for my twentieth birthday. (Whoa, I still can’t believe I’m twenty. This is crazy.) I didn’t know I could a love a scarf this much. It’s absolutely perfect in each and every way. I don’t think I’ll ever take it off. We should probably rename this blog “When I’m Marc” because I’m not getting older and changing anymore. I will just consistently and constantly be Marc.

Your eyes might have drifted from my scarf to the gorgeous purse hanging from my arm. This was a birthday present from my favorite gal, Emily.  There is quite the story behind this purse. So, this bag is from Shoppers Drug Mart where both me and Emily work. I have been eyeing this bag for as long as I can remember. I never had the will to splurge on it however. And then, the day before my birthday, I sold the last one to a customer and I cried. I thought I would never see that bag again. But suddenly my birthday came around the corner and alas, guess what Emily had in her hands. This purse.

So friends, thank you for the wonderful and thoughtful presents. You know me way too well. But also, thank you for being the best friends a girl could ask for. You made my birthday so special and I am so lucky to call this year the best birthday yet. It was such a wonderful birthday weekend filled with laughter, tears, surprises and me almost dying. (I may or may not have ate a silica gel packet, it’s a long story.)

JacketForever 21 // Leggings– Zara // BootsZara // ScarfMarc Jacobs//Purse– Sergio Feretti // Sunglasses– ℅Marc Jacobs //


Oakley and Tay

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Hello friends! I hope you’re all doing wonderfully on this fine Friday morning. It’s been a long week for me, filled with two (yes two!) concerts and a midterm. But alas, now it’s Friday and I am set free for the weekend! Can we get a hip hip hooray?

I’ve been in a bit of an outfit slump lately. Or maybe it should be more accurately called a life slump. My hair is way too long, my skin is hating me and my clothes just seem so drab and unexciting. I think I always fall into this attitude around this time every year. I blame it on Edmonton’s six month winters. By the end of them, I’m just so sick of winter and the snow and I’m ready to start pulling out my crop tops and shorts.

However, since summer is still far away, I was forced to pick out a cold weather-approved outfit. This one consisted of a knit turtleneck sweater from the Bay. I have this weird obsession with tops that have zippers on the side. I’m not sure why, they have absolutely no function, but yet, they’re so intriguing! Underneath I layered a chambray shirt that I thought I had no use for anymore. I’m so glad I didn’t throw it away!

I got a new pair of boots. When am I going to stop buying booties? Can’t stop, won’t stop. I thought these ones were so cute! And to make things slightly better, I had a 40% off coupon on one full priced item at Forever 21 so these boots were quite cheap. So you guys should probably sign up for Forever 21 emails to get discounts like these! Let’s all be bargain hunters together hurrah!

SweaterThe Bay // Chambray Shirt– ℅Goddiva // Jeans– ℅Aeropostale //BootsForever 21 // PurseMarc Jacobs // WatchFossil // Bracelet– Simons // Ring– ℅Presh //


Oakley is Watching You

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My friend, Taraneh, and I went shopping the other day. We were supposed to be studying, but we’ll just ignore that tidbit of information. Anyways, she picked up this skirt at Zara and when we went to try it on, I fell in love with it. However, there was only one left. So, we did what any girls would do. We fought to the death for it. Three black eyes and seven broken limbs later, Tars won. She got to buy the skirt. But at the last possible moment in the checkout line, she had a sudden moment of generosity and decided I could have the skirt. It’s a hella cute skirt, the fight was well worth it.

I paired the skirt with all black pieces. I’ve been turning more and more to black in these recent months. There’s just something so simple and timeless about all-black outfits. I tucked in a black button down blouse and layered a blazer over it. With opaque black tights and my new favorite black booties, my outfit was complete.

However, knowing me, I do need a little bit of color in my life so for my purse today, I wore this bright colorblocked satchel. It added just the right amount of happiness and life into my outfit. It made me a happy gal. For jewelry, I decided to wear a statement necklace that complimented the skirt quite nicely. Is it just me or are statement necklaces going out of style? I feel like they used to be the hottest thing but lately everyone is reverting to the daintier, simpler styles. Not that I’m complaining, simplicity is always best in my eyes.

BlazerForever 21 // Shirt– ℅Elizabeth and Clarke // SkirtZara // Tights– Bloch // BootsTown Shoes // Purse– ℅Stella Rittwagen // WatchMarc Jacobs // BraceletPandora // Necklace– ℅Our World Boutique // NailsL’oreal // LipsMaybelline // Sunglasses– ℅Marc Jacobs

Illegal Happenings in Climbing Gyms

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Five minutes before these pictures were taken, I was almost kicked out of the building. This was my last day staying in Canmore, and the weather decided to be evil and rain all day. So, I was forced to relocate and take pictures inside. I found this cool rec centre in town and for those who find yourselves in Canmore, definitely go visit it, it’s calledElevation Place. Anyways, dogs aren’t usually allowed in buildings as I was told by the manager. But as soon as he stopped to pet Oakley, he said we could stay. I swear I could get away with robbing a bank as long as I had Oakley by my side. (Attn police: don’t worry I won’t actually rob a bank.)

I really love this tank top that I am wearing. It is from the cutest online store called Caralase. Everything at this store screams my name. I need everything. My shirt is a loose black tank with crochet detailing on the hem and the neckline. It is so pretty! It also comes in grey and ivory but I definitely love how the lace stands out on the black version. Because it was a bit of a chillier day in Canmore, I was forced to pair it with a sweater. This sweater is from Bethany Mota’s collection at Aeropostale and I am way too obsessed with it. It just feels like you’re wearing a blanket and who doesn’t want to wear a blanket all day?

The necklace that I am wearing holds a very special place in my heart. It is from an online marketplace called 9th and Elm. It is a wooden sideways cross on a silver chain where I engraved Jeremiah 29:11. Ever since I started my blog a couple years ago, I’ve had this passage stated on my homepage. I have always found comfort in this verse. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Whenever I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing in life, it reminds me that God is watching over me and He already has a plan for me.

Top– ℅Caralase // Sweaters– ℅Aeropostale // Jeans– ℅Miss Sixty //SandalsSam Edelman // Necklace– ℅9th and Elm // WatchFossil //BraceletUrban Outfitters // PurseMarc Jacobs

My Favorite Town

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If there was one place that I had to live for the rest of my life, I would choose New York. However, if New York wasn’t an option, I would definitely choose Canmore. For all you non-Canadians, Canmore is the cutest town you will ever see. It’s buried in the mountains, about 20 minutes outside of Banff. It’s so peaceful here and recently, we took Oakley (my dog) to the town and he loved it just as much as me.

How can you focus on my outfit when there are mountains right behind me? The mountains are distracting me with their beauty. For those who have never seen mountains in person, you need to get your butt over here.

Anyways, my shirt is from a cute boutique called Simple Addiction. It’s a lace high low shirt with three quarter length sleeves and a low, open back. I’m usually not the biggest fan of open back shirts but I thought this one was very tasteful and pretty. I paired it with these orange shorts from Gentle Fawn and added strappy, snakeskin sandals. For jewelry, I wore my Fossil watch (duh!), a new bracelet from Simple Addiction with pretty blue stones, and my favorite grey and gold bangle from J.Crew.

So folks, I hope to see you all in Canmore when I’m there next. It really is the best place on earth.

Top– ℅Simple Addiction // Shorts– ℅Gentle Fawn (similar here) //Shoes– ℅Just Fab (similar here) // BagMarc Jacobs // WatchFossil //Bracelets– ℅Simple Addiction and J.Crew

I’m a rainbow

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This summer, I’ve been shying away from color. But sometimes, I just want to go back to my roots and step out in an outfit that is reminiscent of a rainbow. Because who doesn’t want to be a rainbow?

This dress is from a cute boutique called the Happy Wardrobe and it is a summer staple. It is such a light material so it’s absolutely perfect for the hottest of summer days. It has cute three quarter length sleeves with a accompanying navy belt. I love the coral color and print of this dress. Coral is the mandatory summer color.

For jewelry, I went along with the colorful theme. The cuff is also from The Happy Wardrobe. It goes great with the dress with the blue underlay and the gold metal. My necklace from the Hawthorne Collection also compliments the colors in the dress perfectly. As for shoes and purse, I think these two are pretty self-explanatory. I feel like I have been wearing this combination every single day this summer. But don’t change something that isn’t broken right? I think that rule applies to fashion.

Dress– ℅The Happy Wardrobe // Sandals– Sam Edelman (buy here) //Necklace– ℅Hawthorne Collection (buy here) // Cuff– ℅The Happy Wardrobe // Purse– Marc Jacobs (buy here)

Bridging the Gaps

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Lately, I’ve been feeling like a very good shopper. I’m only buying pieces that I really need. Over the years, I have acquired so much clothing so do I really need more? Obviously I’m not going to stop shopping so instead, I’ve just been buying more unique and versatile pieces. Like this skirt. I ordered this skirt online at Simons and had it shipped to the store in West Edmonton Mall. Simons is wonderful. Their customer service is amazing.

This skirt is an acid wash denim skirt. I used to be obsessed with those denim miniskirts in grade seven but I decided I needed a more grown up version. I love it. I went for a very casual look today. I paired it with a slightly cropped top from American Eagle and then tied a chambray shirt around my waist. Originally, I was wearing the chambray shirt over my tee for a ‘denim on denim’ kind of look but it got too hot for that. I think the two different denims look great together!

For jewelry, I am wearing my brand new Kate Spade bangle. I have been looking for the perfect bangle to compliment my Marc Jacobs watch and Pandora bracelet but usually, bangles are way too big for my wrist. My wrists are twigs. However, this bangle has a hinge so it’s quite smaller. It’s beautiful. I got it from the new Kate Spade store in West Edmonton Mall, which was so beautiful, oh my.

I then wore beige sneakers on my feet. It seems like sneakers are my go-to footwear choice in summer. They are just so simple and comfy and go with my casual summer vibe. As for my purse, I am wearing my new Marc Jacobs Classic Q Percy Crossbody in Cement. I am falling more and more in love with it everyday.

Top– American Eagle (buy here) // Skirt– Simons (similar here) //Chambray Shirt– ℅ A-Thread (similar here// Shoes– Ardenes (similar here) // Necklace– Shoppers Drug Mart (similar here) // Purse– Marc Jacobs (buy here) // Watch– Marc Jacobs (buy here) // Bracelets– Kate Spade (buy here) and Pandora (buy here) // Sunglasses– ℅ Bleu Dame (similar here) //

A Beautiful Outfit for A Beautiful Day

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It was such a beautiful day today. The sun was shining. The birds were chirping. Nature was all around me. I had to commemorate this wonderful day by wearing shorts. I haven’t reached for shorts much this summer but I just got this new pair from Plndr. They are a black silky material with cream lace. The only problem with these shorts is that the two flaps aren’t sewn together so if the wind blows, the entire flap lifts up… and you can see everything. So I better get out my sewing needles and fix this problem.

I tucked a white tee from Vero Moda into these shorts. I really love this shirt. It’s the perfect fit and everything but it wrinkles so quickly! I sit down and immediately it’s a mess. For jewelry, I wore my silver locket that was my grandma’s. I’m sure you’re noticing I’ve been wearing it a ton but It’s my favorite necklace right now. As you probably know, I’ve been wanting a really chunky statement necklace, but I have yet to find the perfect one so this one has been substituting for the moment. My arm candy hasn’t been changing lately. I’m wearing my Kate Spade bangle that I still adore, my Marc Jacobs Amy watch, and of course, my Pandora bracelet.

The rest of my outfit just includes these two-tone Bloch flats that compliment the black and cream in the outfit perfectly, and my new Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Percy purse.

Top– Vero Moda (similar here) // Shorts– Plndr (similar here) // Shoes– Bloch (buy here) // Purse– Marc Jacobs (buy here) // Necklace– Grandma’s (similar here) // Watch– Marc Jacobs (buy here) // Bracelets– Kate Spade (buy here) and Pandora (buy here

Rainy days mean rain boots

I used to be sad when it rained, but now when I roll out of bed and see a gloomy day, I squeal with delight. A day of rain means a day of Hunter rubber boots. I couldn’t be happier.

On this fabulous rainy day, I wore one of my favorite sweatshirts. By now, you probably have an idea that I am in love with Marc Jacobs so fittingly, I have his name written all over my shirt. I just love Marc okay? Over top, I layered an army green vest from Vero Moda that has cute leather accents. I feel so tough and intimidating in this y’know? For jeans, I’m wearing a pair of dark snakeskin printed skinnies tucked in my beloved Hunters. My beautiful beloved Hunters.

I didn’t go overboard on my accessories. What a surprise eh? I wore my regular jewelry that consists of my Marc Jacobs watch (to match perfectly with my sweatshirt duh) and my Pandora bracelet. I then wore a baseball cap. How great are hats by the way? I was never really a hat wearer until I had a sudden epiphany that I needed a leather baseball cap. When my search for that failed and I ended up getting this plain black one, I discovered the fabulosity that are hats. I literally just brushed up my hair this morning and threw this hat on and bam! I was ready to go.

Sweatshirt– Marc by Marc Jacobs (buy here) // Jeans– Boathouse (similar here) // Boots– Hunter (buy here) // Vest– Vero Moda (similar here) // Hat– Simons (similar here) // Watch– Marc by Marc Jacobs (buy here) // Bracelet– Pandora (buy here)

Pyjama Pants?

These pants resemble and feel like pyjama pants. And I’m totally okay with that.

I have this personal opposition towards wearing jeans in the summer so this leads me to find other options in the warmer months. Sure, there are plenty of shorts and skirts to wear but I wanted a cool pair of pants. And boy, did I find them.

My pants are from Urban. Not to be mistaken with Urban Outfitters. Urban is a local store, situated in Edmonton and Calgary. The Edmonton location is in City Centre. It is such a great store. Over the years, I have been falling in love with it more and more. They always have the most unique pieces from some of my favorite brands, including Gentle Fawn and Vero Moda. Anyways, back to the outfit.

These pants are so freaking comfy! They are very lightweight and breezy and I love them. A lot. I paired them pants with a loose white tee that I knotted, since the pants are a bit more high waisted. I added in pops of color through my turquoise sandals and my matching turquoise skull bracelet. The rest of my jewelry, including my Marc Jacobs watch and Coach purse was kept silver.

Shirt– Aerie (similar here) // PantsUrban City Centre (similar here) // Sandals– Aeropostale (similar here) // Watch– Marc Jacobs (buy here) // Bracelets– Pandora (buy here), Urban Outfitters, ℅ Harmony L // Purse– Coach (buy here) // Necklace– Grandma (similar here)

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