Tay’s Thoughts- Clinique Superprimer

I feel like I’m the only one who hates Silicone based primers. I absolutely hate that rubbery, smooth texture that everyone else describes as “soft”. I don’t understand the appeal. However, the Clinique Superprimer Universal Face Primer is oil-free so it has a much more lightweight. It feels more like a moisturizer than a primer which I absolutely love. But don’t worry, it still does everything that a primer aims to do! It helps your makeup stay on all day and keeps the oil away. (That rhymed!) Plus, it helps your makeup glide on much easier and makes it blend right into your skin! It really does make a difference on your foundation!

If you are looking for something extra in your primer, check out Clinique’s other superprimers. There are ones that color correct for dullness, redness, sallowness, and discolorations.

Clinique Superprimer Universal Face Primer: http://www.clinique.com/product/1599/26922/index.tmpl

Check out Clinique: http://www.clinique.com/index.tmpl

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Tay’s Thoughts- Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +

Although the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + has been out for several months now, I’ve been holding off doing a review. I really wanted to gather my full opinion about it before I mentioned any word of the new formula. Growing up, I always he noticed the gel formula was so much more popular than the lotion. And after trying both I could see why. The gel is a much more lightweight texture and oil-free so it is much more suited for oily skin. I never liked the formula of the old lotion. It felt too heavy, almost sticky on my skin. I have combination skin- cheeks tend to be a bit more dry with my t-zone being normal or a little oily on some days. However, I’m very happy to say that Clinique really fixed these problems in the new formula. They’re still very similar with the only noticeable difference being the texture. The lotion + feels very similar to the gel now! with the exception of being a mineral oil-based creamier texture. Also, the lotion + aims to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier helping it stay hydrated and keeping that moisture locked within the skin. That results in my cheeks feeling more comfortable rather than the tight, flaky feeling I was used to. I was also surprised this didn’t lead to breakouts on my t-zone or excess oil. This lotion was great at moisturizing my cheeks while controlling the excess oil. So much better than the original in my opinion!

However, I still think this product has a few limitations. I highly think this lotion should only be in the hands of the younger generation. It has no ingredients to help anti aging or really combat anything for that matter. It’s a really basic moisturizer whose only benefit is moisturizing the skin which it does effectively do. So teens, if you’re looking for a simple moisturizer, this one will be perfect,  but I would advise adults to stay away from it, Clinique has other moisturizers like the Even Better, Youth Surge, and Repair Wear creams.

Check out the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + :http://www.sephora.com/dramatically-different-moisturizing-lotion-P381030?skuId=1538354

Tay’s Thoughts- Dior Addict Gloss

As I have said before, I have never been a huge fan of lip glosses. I own plenty but they always seem to go untouched. Apart from the Benefit ultra plush glosses, I always avoided lip glosses. But these Dior Addict Glosses can now be included in the lip glosses that I actually like. These are amazing glosses! They are a non-sticky formula which is a must for me, but they also aren’t too slippery so they don’t slide right off your lips. They come in three different formulas- Sparkly, Pearly and Pure and there are dozens of gorgeous shades too!

I have three of the shades. #664, Fairy Pink, was my very first Dior Addict Gloss and it is the “pure” formula. It is a mid-toned hot pink with no shimmer. It goes on fairly opaque. It is probably my favorite out of the three. Next is #257, Venus, is a pale pink color and is the “sparkling” formula. This is such a great color to wear on it’s own for a more natural look or to layer over any lip color to add sparkle and shine. Lastly, is #643, Diablotine, which is a glittery coral-pink. This is also part of the “sparkling” formula and has gold sparkles in it that compliment the melon color beautifully. I love wearing this shade in the summer.

All in all, these are definitely amazing lip glosses. Both the formula and color is amazing and how gorgeous is this packaging?!

Tay’s Thoughts- Eye Products

Aveeno Anti Fatigue Eye Roller

Thoughts: This eye roller reduces the look of puffiness and dark circles. When I first used this, it felt like it was stinging eyes but that irritation went away in a few minutes and my under-eyes looked refreshed. This can be used every day in the morning and at night.

Price: $18

Where to Buy: Shoppers Drug Mart

Ole Henriksen Truth is in the Eyes Eye Peel

Thoughts: Although you are not supposed to exfoliate the fine tissues in your under eye region, this eye peel offers a natural, gentle antidote to dark circles and fine lines.

Price: $52

Where to Buy: Sephora

Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel Roll On

Thoughts: This eye gel is great at soothing tired eyes and reducing puffiness while helping firm the eye region with peptides. I love the feel of the stainless steel roller in the morning!

Price: $35

Where to Buy: Sephora

Clinique All About Eyes Serum

Thoughts: This is just a little trial size but I love this eye serum! It’s perfect for young adults whose concerns isn’t anti-aging yet. This is great to use as a preventive as well as its ingredients, including caffeine and antioxidants, work immediately and over time to brighten the eye area

Price: $34

Where to Buy: Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart

Tay’s Thoughts- Benefit Ultra Plush Glosses

So to be honest, I think lip glosses are the most annoying things ever. Either they’re super sticky and messy to apply or not pigmented at all. However, I have always been a huge fan of Benefit lip glosses. The ‘plush’ glosses glide on so smoothly and they smell so yummy! There are six shades in total to match each of the Benefit boxed powders. First is Dandelion, my personal favorite. This one is a soft pearly pink, perfect for everyday! Next is Coralista, a sheer coral, which I love to wear in the summer over a bright orange lipstick and Hoola, a shimmering golden nude.

Dandelion Ultra Plush

Coralista Ultra Plush

Hoola Ultra Plush

Benefit Cosmetics: http://www.benefitcosmetics.com/

Tay’s Thoughts- Marc Jacobs Blush

Marc Jacobs is easily my favorite designer. But because I am a poor 18 year old trying to save up for university, I don’t own many of his collections or pieces. However, as soon as I heard word of his new beauty line, I knew I had to splurge on one thing. So, I hurried over to Sephora, and picked out a blush. This is very irregular for me. Usually, I have to listen to tons of reviews and really research what I want. But the whole Marc Jacobs Beauty line is so beautiful, I was just spontaneous in choosing what I wanted. And let me tell you, everything about this line is perfect. The packaging is flawless and so far, all the products are absolutely amazing!

I picked out this blush for my one splurge item. It is called the Shameless Bold Blush in the color Tantalizing. And I know what you all are thinking, this doesn’t seem like the type of color I would go for. But as the makeup artist at Sephora said, I probably have way to many pinks and peaches. I am so happy I went with the color! It is so pigmented and easily build-able so I can pick between having rosy cheeks or going for a very defined, glam look. It is the perfect color for autumn and winter. I have been wearing it everyday and I am falling more and more in love with it!

Let’s talk about the packaging now. It is absolutely stunning. It comes in a shiny black compact with an included mirror. A little travel brush also accompanies it which will be perfect for travel, it is actually a decent brush! Then, the two items are enclosed in a black pouch. It makes the little blush seem so luxurious, I love it!

So all in all, I am absolutely obsessed with this blush and I am so glad that Marc Jacobs didn’t disappoint. I am already picking out my next item from the line… uh oh…

Check out Marc Jacobs Beauty: http://marcjacobsbeauty.com/

Shameless Bold Blush: http://www.sephora.com/shameless-bold-blush-P380706?skuId=1505270