A More Stylish 20 Year Old

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This was my first outfit as a twenty year old. Don’t I look like a real adult about to take on the world? Why yes. Yes I do.

I guess I should start this post off by stating that I have some of the world’s best friends. They all teamed up together to get my this gorgeous Marc Jacobs scarf for my twentieth birthday. (Whoa, I still can’t believe I’m twenty. This is crazy.) I didn’t know I could a love a scarf this much. It’s absolutely perfect in each and every way. I don’t think I’ll ever take it off. We should probably rename this blog “When I’m Marc” because I’m not getting older and changing anymore. I will just consistently and constantly be Marc.

Your eyes might have drifted from my scarf to the gorgeous purse hanging from my arm. This was a birthday present from my favorite gal, Emily.  There is quite the story behind this purse. So, this bag is from Shoppers Drug Mart where both me and Emily work. I have been eyeing this bag for as long as I can remember. I never had the will to splurge on it however. And then, the day before my birthday, I sold the last one to a customer and I cried. I thought I would never see that bag again. But suddenly my birthday came around the corner and alas, guess what Emily had in her hands. This purse.

So friends, thank you for the wonderful and thoughtful presents. You know me way too well. But also, thank you for being the best friends a girl could ask for. You made my birthday so special and I am so lucky to call this year the best birthday yet. It was such a wonderful birthday weekend filled with laughter, tears, surprises and me almost dying. (I may or may not have ate a silica gel packet, it’s a long story.)

JacketForever 21 // Leggings– Zara // BootsZara // ScarfMarc Jacobs//Purse– Sergio Feretti // Sunglasses– ℅Marc Jacobs //

Oakley and Tay

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Hello friends! I hope you’re all doing wonderfully on this fine Friday morning. It’s been a long week for me, filled with two (yes two!) concerts and a midterm. But alas, now it’s Friday and I am set free for the weekend! Can we get a hip hip hooray?

I’ve been in a bit of an outfit slump lately. Or maybe it should be more accurately called a life slump. My hair is way too long, my skin is hating me and my clothes just seem so drab and unexciting. I think I always fall into this attitude around this time every year. I blame it on Edmonton’s six month winters. By the end of them, I’m just so sick of winter and the snow and I’m ready to start pulling out my crop tops and shorts.

However, since summer is still far away, I was forced to pick out a cold weather-approved outfit. This one consisted of a knit turtleneck sweater from the Bay. I have this weird obsession with tops that have zippers on the side. I’m not sure why, they have absolutely no function, but yet, they’re so intriguing! Underneath I layered a chambray shirt that I thought I had no use for anymore. I’m so glad I didn’t throw it away!

I got a new pair of boots. When am I going to stop buying booties? Can’t stop, won’t stop. I thought these ones were so cute! And to make things slightly better, I had a 40% off coupon on one full priced item at Forever 21 so these boots were quite cheap. So you guys should probably sign up for Forever 21 emails to get discounts like these! Let’s all be bargain hunters together hurrah!

SweaterThe Bay // Chambray Shirt– ℅Goddiva // Jeans– ℅Aeropostale //BootsForever 21 // PurseMarc Jacobs // WatchFossil // Bracelet– Simons // Ring– ℅Presh //


My Hatred For Brandy Melville

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Thank goodness for the yellow leaves bringing some color into my outfit… I’m not quite sure why there has been such an absence of color in my clothes lately but I like it.

The top that I’m wearing today is from Brandy Melville. I hate Brandy Melville. There. I said it. I hate their style and their cheap clothing and most of all, their stupid return policy. When Brandy Melville first opened in my mall, I tried to be a basic white girl and buy their clothes. However, I hated everything and only bought one top. I arrived home and realized I really didn’t need this shirt. I had really only bought it because of the excitement of the store finally being in Canada. So, I went to return it and alas, they only give store credit on refunds. I was stuck with this store credit for four months. There was never anything I wanted to buy from there. I finally broke down and figured this dress was the best thing in the store. So, here I am wearing my one piece of Brandy Melville clothing. I have to admit I actually like this dress…. when I’m wearing it my way and not Brandy Melville’s hipster wannabe Californian way.

I wore it more as a tunic with my Zara jeggings. For shoes, I wore my new boots from Call It Spring. They’re a dark oxblood color and I loooooove them! Jewelry was once again kept simple. I really haven’t been that into jewelry lately. I’m not sure why. My watch is from Daniel Wellington. I used to wear this watch all the time, but when I got my Marc Jacobs watch, this one got converted into my work watch, hence all the scratches.

DressBrandy Melville // JeansZara // BootsCall It Spring // NecklaceShoppers Drug Mart // Watch– ℅Daniel Wellington // Earrings– ℅Foxy

Falling into Fall with Zara

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When my mom took a look at my outfit today, she commented that I’ve been changing up my style lately. And it’s true. My style has evolved quite a bit over the years. I used to wear so much lace and pink and ruffles and super girly pieces. While I’m still girly, I’ve definitely been trying to add a bit more sophistication and edge into my outfits. One of these days, I’ll show you guys the outfits I used to wear in junior high… let’s just say I’m very thankful this blog wasn’t around back then.

Zara has the perfect fall clothing lately. I’m obsessed. I recently got this navy striped button down. It’s such a perfect, classic shirt. I also got a pair of black denim from Zara. I have been looking for the perfect black jeans for quite a while and I just wasn’t having any luck. I really like this pair though, they are cuffed at the bottom to show the teal underside. Plus, they fit me super nicely. I find that Zara jeans just understand my body. Overtop, I’m wearing the Liam vest from Noul, I know, I wear this way too often but it’s my favorite.

I’ve also been noticing that there has been an absence of color lately in my outfits. One day I’ll be a walking rainbow and the next day, I’ll be dressed all in black. I’m nineteen, I’m not going to stick to a style just yet. To add some color, I’m wearing this satchel from Stella Rittwagen. I like the navy with the hot pink. For shoes, I’m wearing these booties from Spring. I’m still so glad I found the perfect pair of black boots. They really are perfect. And they’re surprisingly comfy! I did a good job finding these ones. Cue the applause.

Shirt- Zara // Vest- Noul // Jeans- Zara // Boots- Call It Spring // Bag- ℅Stella Rittwagen // Watch- Marc Jacobs // Bracelet- Pandora // Lips- ℅Maybelline Super Stay #120


Ducks are Life

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The last time I wore a sock bun was a year ago and it was equally as big… luckily I have a blog to document these things so you can view that posthere. Fun fact: I used to wear my hair in a bun all the time and then I chopped it all off. But now it’s back to the bun.

The weather has been absolutely perfect lately. I feel like we are actually getting a fall this year instead of skipping right to winter after summer like Edmonton usually does. Because of this lovely weather, I have been able to wear fall outfits. It makes me happy. No parkas yet folks.

I am in love with my jacket. It’s a menswear inspired coat from Simons. It has a cool plaid pattern with an oversized fit. It’s a super great coat. I have been looking for a checkered or plaid coat all season so I was super excited to have found this one. I wore it over a plain black dress from Vero Moda. I then paired it with super sheer nylons, which got so many runs by the end of the day. Goodbye nylons.

I wore my favorite black booties from Call It Spring. I think I have been wearing these with almost every outfit lately but they’re the perfect shoe. Comfy and simple and chic. My only jewelry consisted of this necklace, which in all honesty, I wish I hadn’t of worn with this outfit. Looking back on these pictures, I think it distracted from the coat too much. Oops. Oh well, nobody’s perfect. I gotta work it! Again and again ‘til I get it right. Nobody’s Perfect! You live and you learn it! And if I mess it up sometimes… Nobody’s perfect. Oh sorry, just got carried away there. If you don’t know where this song is from, I’m judging you hardcore.

Jacket– ℅Simons // DressVero Moda // TightsShoppers Drug Mart //BootsCall It Spring // NecklaceH&M // Earrings– Foxy Jewelry // LipsFresh Sugar Berry Tinted Lip Treatment

Is It Even Fall If You Don’t Layer?

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If there’s one reason I love fall, it’s because I can layer. I feel like layering is the epitome of style. It allows you to wear a specific item so many different ways by pairing it with various things.

I picked this high low dress at the Oak and Fort warehouse sale. It would be such a cute dress in the summer, but I couldn’t wait a year to wear it again. I was forced to think of an alternative way to make it a bit more practical for the colder days. I wore it under this cozy turtleneck sweater from Vero Moda. I like how the sweater has a similar high low hem that mimics the shape of the dress.

For pants, I wore my Zara jeggings. I know I have talked about these pants countless times on my blog, but seriously, you NEED these pants. They’re so comfy and stretchy and perfect. Plus, I think they’re so much more exciting than just plain black jeans. My shoes are black suede booties with silver studs on the heel. I realized I haven’t been wearing these a huge amount lately, not too sure why.

I wore jewelry today! I know I’ve been minimal on the jewelry lately so I was super excited to wear some new pieces that I recently acquired. My favorite are these earrings from Zara. How cool are they? They look a bit funky with my tiny earlobes but whatever, I think they’re pretty sweet. AND, I finally changed out my cartilage piercing from a stud to a hoop. How hardcore am I? So hardcore.

I know that I often rant on here about how I can never find any nice silver jewelry. Most of the jewelry I like is gold and I just don’t tend to wear gold that often. However, apparently I was having a good day because I found both this necklace in silver from Forever 21 and this really cool ring from Urban Outfitters. The necklace is especially cool because the chain can slide so you make it any length you want it to! It can go with any shirt’s collar.

I’m getting way too excited about jewelry today. Don’t mind me. Goodbye folks.

SweaterVero Moda // DressOak and Fort // JeansZara // Boots–  ℅ABS by Allen Schwartz // NecklaceForever 21 // Purse– ℅Just Fab // RingUrban Outfitters // Earrings– Zara (currently sold out) // Watch–  ℅Daniel Wellington


No White After Labour Day

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It finally snowed here in Edmonton. I’m hoping the snow will melt away in a day but I have a feeling it’s here to stay. (Hey, that rhymed!) Usually, we have snow by the middle of October so I guess I should be thankful that it waited this long to show it’s presence.

To show the snow how much I love it, I wore my white jeans. And yes, I know you’re not supposed to wear white after labour day. My mom gave me a lecture about it. But I picked up these jeans at the Noul Warehouse sale and I really couldn’t wait until the next summer to wear them. I tried to make them as winter-y as I could!

I paired them with a striped turtleneck from Zara. I order this turtleneck online and I honestly didn’t have high hopes for it. I just wanted it for a basic layering piece. But, it has quickly became one of my favorite tops. It’s so lightweight, yet cozy. It is made out of the softest material ever. Overtop, I wore a grey peacoat. Fun fact about this coat: I picked it up at Old Navy a few years back on crazy clearance. I rediscovered it this year and realized what a great coat it is! It has been one of my favorite coats to wear this year.

For shoes, I’m wearing my oxblood booties from Call It Spring and for jewelry, I’m layering a bunch of rings today. I’m slowly getting back into rings after picking up this really cool moonstone ring from Urban Outfitters.

So, I hope you like my outfit and yes, I realize this is the last day I’ll be able to wear these jeans. My legs were not pleased with my irrational thinking. But all in the name of fashion, right?

TurtleneckZara // JeansNoul // CoatOld Navy // BootsCall It Spring //EarringsForever 21 // RingsUrban Outfitters, Noul, Oak and Fort // LipsGuerlain

School Has Commenced

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School has commenced and I am not happy about it. So I wore all black to tell the world just how depressed I am about having to wake up at 6am. It’s not a fun time, I promise.

You might be wondering why I’m wearing a dress to university. My mom sure was. I received a very long lecture on how I should be putting more effort into learning and studying than my outfits. Here is my rebuttle. It takes the same amount of time to put on a dress or put on jeans. And I’m just a very girly person so I will keep wearing dresses and skirts and curling my hair thank you very much.

I really love this dress. I picked it up from Zara and it’s the perfect little black dress. It has a high neckline that balances out the short skirt, with cute sleeves. I paired it with the Liam vest from Noul. It’s been a struggle not to wear this vest with every single outfit. It’s the awkward transition between summer and fall so I wore some very sheer tights and some dark green suede booties to add in a tiny bit of color.

My jewelry was very basic today. I wore my favorite necklace from H&M and my regular watch and bracelet. I haven’t been switching up my bracelets lately. I’m boring, I know. BUT, I am wearing a new purse today! To celebrate surviving my second week of my second year of university, I allowed myself to buy this gorgeous Kate Spade purse. I needed a new grey small purse and this one was on sale and it’s so darn cute. I love it!

AND PS. did you know that you get a student discount at Kate Spade?! 15% off! They told me they don’t advertise this discount, hence me never knowing this existed until now. So yeah, don’t say I didn’t tell you.

Dress- Zara // Vest- Noul // Tights- Shoppers Drug Mart  // Boots- Target // Necklace- H&M // Purse- Kate Spade // Watch- Marc Jacobs // Bracelet-Pandora


The leaves are falling and so are my dreams

1-IMG_4938 1-IMG_4945  1-IMG_4967  1-IMG_49871-IMG_4963 1-IMG_4995 1-IMG_50111-IMG_4975 1-IMG_5016 1-IMG_5026

Fall always hits so suddenly. One day the leaves are on the tree, I’m wearing shorts and skirts and then bam! The leaves fall and out comes the sweaters and the scarves.

I feel like this might just be the most autumn-y outfit I’ve ever worn and I couldn’t be happier. My favorite part about my outfit today is my scarf. I have been looking for this scarf for so long. I’ve seen it everywhere except it was always sold out at my Zara. However, as I was in the store today, I spotted it in the corner and cried. I’m so excited to have found it. I then went directly to H&M to buy this camel colored sweater to match the scarf. For a bit of warmth, I layered this navy vest. I’ve been really into vests lately. They are such great layering pieces and I love how they look with sweaters.

For my purse, I’m wearing this large black top-handle bag from Just Fab. I’m not sure if it’s just me but once the colder weather hits, I like to carry larger purses. I’m also loving the boots I’m wearing today. I saw these at Aeropostale and I thought they were the cutest things ever! However, it pains me that they have a heel. At university, we have this really slippery slanted floor leading down to the trains so I would die if I wore these shoes. But they’re so cute so I couldn’t pass them up. I’ll just have to find other places to wear them other than school.

So that’s my outfit. I’m basically a walking pumpkin… or a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I’m just the epitome of Fall. And I love it.

SweaterH&M // LeggingsZara // Vest– ℅Aeropostale // ScarfZara //Boots– ℅Aeropostale // Purse– ℅Just Fab // WatchFossil

*ftc disclaimer: I was sent these products for free but all opinions are my own.


Plaid All Day, Everyday

1-IMG_5725  1-IMG_5734  1-IMG_57741-IMG_5769-0011-IMG_5798 1-IMG_58021-IMG_5814 1-IMG_58121-IMG_5729

For the majority of my life- actually no, I might be exaggerating. For just over a year now, I have been crazy about plaid. There’s something about plaid that just makes me so excited about autumn and the beginnings of winter. Last year I was on the search for the perfect flannel and this year, I was on the search for the perfect pair of plaid pants. I saw a particular pair of plaid pants onSheinside and the lovely Jalynn’s blog, but I was hesitant to order them online. I wasn’t sure how they would fit or how they would look. And if there’s anything I hate more than shopping online, it’s returns online. So, when I saw a similar pair at Urban Outfitters, I decided they could have a home inside my closet instead. Unfortunately, these ones are now sold out online, so I’ll link a similar pair down below.

These pants are the weirdest fitting pants I have ever tried on. They are super high waisted with a really baggy crotch and super tight fitting ankles. Surprisngly, I kinda like the fit. They look cool hey? Because they are so high waisted, I was able to pair them with my black crop top that I never seem to wear. For shoes, I wore my black booties that go with everything.

I added my leather jacket overtop. I think I look quite rebellious with the plaid and the leather. Am I right or am I right? For jewelry, I wore my two favorite necklaces. These were both passed down to me when my grandma passed away and I couldn’t love them more. They are very dear to my heart.

Also, can we take a moment to mourn the leaves on the ground? My trees are now bare. Winter is coming folks. I should start pulling out the parka and the Uggs.

TopForever 21 // Jacket– ℅Shop Priceless // PantsUrban Outfitters //ShoesCall It Spring // Watch– ℅Daniel Wellington // Jewelry– My Grandma’s